There's Something Hilarious About These 15 Adorable Animals... And They Have No Idea.

Mustaches and beards have gained a resurgence in popularity lately, in part because of the “hipster” movement. These days you can find mustaches wherever you look, and not just on faces! Mustaches and beards can be found decorating cell phones, jewelry, clothing, and people even have mustache tattoos! Now, even the animals are getting in on the trend, as you’ll see from these 15 super-hip critters below. 

I say, good day to you sir!

Would you fancy a spot of tea?

I come from a long line of old-timey boxers. Of course, we call it fisticuffs.

Indeed, indeed. Yes, quite.

“Please sir... may I have some more?”


May I offer you some assistance?

Good sir, could I perchance persuade you to throw the ball?

Magnificent beards run in my family.

A belly rub doth soothe even the most savage beast.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the study looking at some etchings.




Tweet tweet, I say, tweet tweet to you all.

Gadzooks! Is it cuddle time?

I need someone to help me with my diabeetus medicine.

Was ist ze time? It’s NINE!

After seeing all of these, I feel like my pets need to step it up in the classiness department. I may just go out and buy my cat a top hat and bow tie now just so he can feel like more of a gentleman.


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