There's Something Slightly Off About These Gorgeous Scenes... What They Really Are Is So Incredible

One quick glance at these landscapes and you'll probably think they are photographs of scenic landscapes. After closer inspection, they are just a bit more than that. Not only are these painstakingly detailed dioramas man-made, they are also inside of a fish tank. How these contestants from the first Eastern European Planted Aquarium Design Contest could create such masterpieces is hard to fathom. 

The “pine trees” and rocky path in Serkan Çetinkol's "Whisper of the Pines" really make it pop.

All of the contestants, including "Looking Up" by Irina Kryshtopa, have mastered the art of arranging plants and rocks in an aquarium, which is called aquascaping.

"Reborn" by Piotr Dymowski is a bit more gritty, showcasing rock formations and a creek. 

The "Wild West" entry by Stjepan Erdeljić stands out from the rest. It depicts a unique desert biome, cactuses and all.

“Path of Dreams” is a fantastic way to describe this entry by Turkish contestant Nimet Sezgen. 


An important aspect of aquascaping is keeping the system of the tank healthy, which Timucin Sagel abides by in his "Charm of Light" entry.

"Forest Lair" by Tibor Szecsei focuses on a dark cave, cradled by two enormous tree trunks that give the entry a mysterious feeling.

Another immensely creative entry is Mustafa Sezgen's "Lost Beach."

Artyom Karfidov's "Symphony of Native Nature" is truly stunning. The level of detail in this is impressive. 

Alisher Gafurov's  "Whisper" showcases a garden at nighttime. This is a great example of the “Dutch” style of aquascaping.

Here is the seventh-placed design, Pavel Bautin’s "Morning Forest.” The fallen trees really add to the ambiance of this entry.


You can see the fish enjoying Zanda Sejane's "Stepping Out into the Valley.” 

Vyacheslav Kryshtopa of Alchevsk, Ukraine created this carefully crafted piece of art called "Windtalkers." 

"Change of Seasons" by Grigoriy Polishchuk breaks the mold by integrating the transitional colors of fall into his entry.

Whether fish are incorporated or not, a lot of care goes into choosing the various elements of an aquascape. "Moonlight Sonata" by Natalia Romanovich is a good example of this.

Credit: Scribol | All for Aquarium 

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