These 12 Foods Aren't Usually Cooked On The Grill, But They All Look Delicious. #4 Is A Game Changer

Everybody loves grilling. The sounds, the smells, the heat – these things all satisfy before you've even taken your first bite. You know the basics and how to grill them. What you might not know is there are tons of other foods you can throw over the coals to elevate them from tasty to scrumptious.

Some of them might make sense while some of them might surprise you. You might even be a little afraid of them. But, take that leap and try something new on your grill this summer.

Grilled cheese sandwiches. Literally. Some buttered bread, your favorite cheese and a couple of minutes on the grill.

Bananas. Start with firm ones, slice them in half and enjoy an amazing, caramelized treat.

Fresh herbs and a quick trip over the hot grate make a delicious addition to salads.

Watermelon? You'd be surprised what a nice sear on fresh watermelon can do to the flavor.

Brie. This one's actually a classic, and once you try it you'll never want to eat it any other way.

Thick cut tomatoes make for a tasty upgrade to your salad.

And, speaking of salads ... romaine can even benefit from the charcoal treatment.

Citrus fruit changes its tune, and the juice from a grilled lemon will enhance any dish.

Get smoky, delicious roasted garlic to spread on bread or to supplement your feast.

Warm, grilled avocado with a touch of salt is a luxurious way to eat this heart-healthy fruit.

Did you know you can throw that frozen pizza on the old kettle and have a crisp crust and bubbly, gooey cheese in no time?

And possibly the ultimate grilled food, pineapple. If you've never tried this, what are you waiting for?

Credit: Sarah Lipoff Via Popsugar

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