These 12 People Never Expected To Be Doing This With Their College Degrees

It's that time of the year when newly minted college graduates embark out into the world and take their first plunge into the job market. Student loans are higher than ever and the competition in many sectors is as fierce as it has ever been. So, it's of no surprise that many graduates are taking jobs in fields outside their majors.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, landing in a career outside their field is a reality for the majority of college graduates. The unemployment rate for graduates remains high and only 62% of those employed had a job that requires a degree past high school at all. Even more staggering, only 27% of college graduates found a job that was closely related to their field of study. 

A photographer took to the streets of New York City to check this data and see what college graduates are doing with the degrees they worked so hard on for the last four years. 

Major: Journalism, Media Studies
Job: Radio producer, to-be yoga instructor

Major: Political Science
Job: Investment banker


Major: Psychology
Job: Law student

Major: Business Administration
Job: Waiter

Major: Marketing
Job: Woody

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Job: Hot dog slinger

Major: Accounting
Job: Superhero


Major: Psychology
Job: City Year Americorps

Major: English
Job(s): Musical Improv Comedy, Sales and Personal Growth Work

Major: Psychology
Job: Shipping

Major: Paramedic
Job: The King of Rock and Roll

Major: Music
Job: Video projectionist

Via: Distractify

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