These 13 Designs Revamp Ordinary Objects In The Most Incredible Ways

Have you ever watched “Shark Tank” on ABC? Entrepreneurs bring inventions to industry leaders, hoping for a partner to help bring their product to mass-markets. Over the past seven seasons, there have been many innovative ideas, but some of the most successful businesses have been incredibly simple. For example, the Readerest, a magnetic holder that keeps eyeglasses from falling out of pockets, was picked up by Lori Greiner, and recently reached over $8 million dollars in sales. Why didn’t we think of that?!

These 13 twists on everyday objects are bound to have you scratching your head and wondering why they weren’t obvious before. For now, we’ll keep pondering a good idea ourselves. Maybe one day we’ll finally get that ever-elusive deal with Mr. Wonderful. 

1. This outlet cover with a built-in nightlight is perfect for kids – or anyone who is still afraid of the dark.  

Snap Power

2. These stairs at Robson Square in Vancouver come complete with a ramp for wheelchairs and strollers. 

Dean Bouchard

3. Or, both in one. This is one design that’s been needed for far too long. 

Universal Design Style

4. Let’s face it, no one likes changing the toilet paper roll, and now, no one has to! 



5. This plug isn’t just easy to unplug, it glows to remind you not to waste electricity. This should be standard. 

Yanko Design

6. Bunk beds with built-in shelves will make your kids the envy of the neighborhood. 

Del Mar Company, Inc

7. Who needs a desk when you have a piano? 

Backstage Design Studio

8. Your cat will be the star of living room with this coffee table hammock. 

E & Y

9. Take a peek into the next room with a glass doorknob. 

Spoon & Tamago

10. Is that a delicious burrito? 

Mohar Design


Nope! Just an awesome organizer that serves as constant reminder of your Chipotle craving. 

Mohar Design

11. Bike thieves won’t dare approach this wrap-around ride, designed by student Kevin Scott. 

Tony Kyrlacou

12. Finally a swing that kids and parents can enjoy together, because who doesn’t love the park? 


13. And last, but certainly not least, the most comfortable way to watch TV ever. Netflix just reached a whole new level. 

Via: Diply

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