These 14 Cake Tips Will Take Your Dessert From Drab To Delicious

Cake is a dessert staple that most everyone enjoys. Even though there are so many different recipes worth trying, we tend to stick to the same two or three that we've been baking for years. Below are a few simple ways to breathe life into any boring cake recipe. Who knows, you might discover a new recipe that you'll love, or put a fun twist on your old favorite!

1. Soda can add a unique burst of flavor.

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2. Try milk instead of water for a richer result.

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3. Using boiling water in chocolate cakes can enhance the cocoa flavor, as well as the color.

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4. Some Jell-O or food coloring can brighten up a boring cake.

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5. Avocados can take the place of oil or butter for a healthier treat.

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You won’t believe how unnoticeable it is! Plus, it works as a great gluten-free alternative. 


6. When in doubt, a little pudding never hurts.

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7. Lemon shavings can liven up any fruity dessert.

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8. So can freshly squeezed orange juice.

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9. Whether you're out of eggs or baking on a vegan diet, these replacements are a lifesaver.

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10. There aren't any rules against extra sprinkles.

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11. Vanilla extract makes a great addition to any cake.


12. Take "coffee cake" to the next level by mixing in your favorite hot beverage.

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13. Cake mix is for more than just cakes.

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Step 1: Think of something that would taste better with cake. 

Step 2: Add cake mix. 

14. Don't be afraid to spruce up your frosting either.

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Familiar frosting flavors are easy to replicate with some simple ingredients, but don’t stop there! Test out different combinations to make your own totally unique frosting. 

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