These 14 Everyday Objects Are The Oldest Of Their Kind. This Will Really Put Things Into Perspective

We humans underestimate just how fortunate we are to have simple everyday technologies like socks, shoes, sunglasses and toilets. Here are some of the oldest surviving artifacts of items that we still use every day. These objects weren't always readily accessible. In fact, at one point, a lot of these didn't even exist.

Just like the inventions of modern technologies such as computers, cars and watches, these everyday innovations had brilliant minds working behind them. Keep in mind that although some of these go back thousands of years, they were still possibly used even further back in time.

Oldest Socks (1,500 years old)

David Jackson via Wikimedia 

Here is a pair of Egyptian wool socks that would be ordinarily worn with sandals. They were knitted between 300 and 499 AD, and have impressively made it intact all these years.

Oldest Sunglasses (800 years old)

Canadian Museum of History 

This was discovered on Baffin Island, Canada. They are the oldest sunglasses, but they did not directly protect from the sun. The small slits acted as shields from glaring light bouncing off snow.

Oldest Sculpture Of A Human Form (35,000 – 40,000 years old)

Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science

This sculpture is called Venus of Hohle, and it is the oldest known sculpture of the human form. 

Oldest Shoe (5,500 years old)

Gregory Areshian via National Geographic 

Here is a cowhide moccasin found in a cave in Armenia. It was preserved by grass and dry sheep dung.

Oldest Instrument (40,000 years old)

The New York Times 

This 40,000-year-old vulture-bone flute was played by our ancestors. 


Oldest Pants (3,300 years old)

M. Wagner via German Archaeological Institute 

These pair of pants have been through 3,300 years of preservation in China. 

Oldest “Flush” Toilets (2,000 years old)

Chronicles of Lindsay via Blogspot 

 Ephesus, Turkey had these "flushable" toilets that carried waste below the seats and into a nearby river.

Oldest Brassiere (500 years old)

University of Innsbruck

Formally called "breast bags," this ancient undergarment was used between the years 1390 and 1485 in Austria. 

Oldest Prosthetic (3,000 years old)

Dr. Jacky Finch via BBC News

Here is a 3,000-year-old prosthetic that helped a man walk in ancient Egypt. It is a working and effective prosthetic, not just for cosmetic purposes.

Oldest Purse (4,500 years old)

Klaus Bentele via National Geographic

Only the flap of this 4,500-year-old purse remains. It is decorated with dog teeth.


Oldest Chewing Gum (5,000 years old)

The Associated Press 

This piece of chewing gum was last chewed in Finland about 5,000 years ago. It was most likely used as a remedy for a mouth infection.

The Oldest Recorded Melody (3,400 years old)

Michael Levy via YouTube 

This ancient music was written for the lyre in what is now Northern Syria.

Oldest Coin (2,700 years old)

Fleur de coin 

Here is the oldest coin ever preserved. It was found in the ancient Hellenic city of Ephesus in Turkey.

Oldest Globe (510 years old)

Washington Map Society 

Etched onto the surface of an ostrich egg, here is the oldest globe. 

It was recently sold to a lucky gentleman at a map fair in London in 2012.

Washington Map Society 

Credit: Bored Panda 

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