These 14 Houses Have A Unique Feature That Makes Them Unlike Any Other Building In The World.

Have you dreamed of a life surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? With these houses, you will not only get to enjoy nature's beauty, but you'll also be living right within it. Discover their natural glory for yourself.

1. Enjoy spending some time with your loved ones under the roof of a mountain.

The Bucket List Life

2. Delight in panoramic views of the ocean.


3. This is the perfect home for an avid hiker.

Indigo Society

4. Who doesn't love a house with a pool?

Tsao and McKown

5. Imagine what it must be like to live under the ground.

Hither and Thither


6. This tiny abode is hidden in plain view.

Lorena DS

7. Haven't you always wondered what it must be like to live inside of a mountain?

Darren’s Rides

8. Driving by, you might miss this one.


9. They could probably use some windows.

Travel Initiative

10. You better not mind a steep walk if you want to live here.

Pond Jumpers: Spain

11. Just imagine climbing up that hill in the snow.



12. This might be the perfect home for risk takers.

Travels of Karen and Mark

13. Imagine living in a mountaintop community.


14. This is the perfect home for children.


I think just about anyone might want to leave the city if they had the opportunity to live in such peaceful surroundings.

Credit: ViralNova

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