These 15 Clever DIYs Will Change The Way You Do Your Makeup And Hair Forever

Over the years, you've probably come up with your own routine for applying your makeup. Everyone is unique and has different requirements and tastes. The problem is, sometimes it can be time consuming and expensive. Here are 15 DIY makeup hacks that will help you save money and time.

1. Makeup that comes in a tube is great for carrying around, but there's a lot that gets leftover. By squeezing the entire contents into a plastic container, you'll leave nothing wasted and get the maximum bang for your buck.

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2. Create your own on-the-go shampoo that doesn't need any water.


3. Did you know you can use your mascara as eye liner? It works really well.


4. Sick of split ends? Twisting your hair causes them to stick out. All you need to do is cut them off yourself.


5. You'll probably agree that breaking a nail is seriously annoying. Here's a quick fix that works like a charm.



6. Create your own makeup brush cleaner, instead of reaching for that new one.


7. Here's a neat little trick to create beautiful-looking, wavy hair. After braiding it, run a flat iron over it.


8. Forgot your lipstick? Using Kool-Aid as lip stain sounds odd, but it works surprisingly well.


9. Waking up to tired, baggy eyes can make you want to stay in the entire day. Here's a quick fix.


10. Ever think of using a toothbrush on your hair? It works surprisingly well to eliminate frizzy hair. Spray it gently with hairspray and run it through your frizzy areas.


11. Tip: For the longest-lasting curls, start in the middle.



12. Not everyone has this problem, but if your eyebrow hairs get messy, use Vaseline to hold them in place.


13. You don't need to take a class to master contouring. Use this guide and you'll contour like a pro.


14. Want a longer ponytail? You can have one with the double ponytail trick.


15. And, to top everything off, here's a little bobby pin etiquette.


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