These 15 Cozy Reading Nooks Are A Bookworm's Dream Come True

May 13, 2016

Reading is a classic pastime that can be enjoyed by everyone, from avid readers to young beginners. You can curl up with a gripping novel by yourself or share a colorful picture book with a child. Whatever you choose to read, the possibilities are endless.

The options are also limitless when it comes to where you choose to enjoy some reading time. From the comfort of your bed to the window seat on a bus, you can let your imagination run wild no matter where you are. For those of you who particularly enjoy reading at home, it is important that you have at least one comfortable, well-lit space that is free of clutter and distractions. If you still haven't found that perfect spot in your home, get some inspiration from these breathtaking reading nooks:

1. A small area by a window is all you need to enjoy your books in comfort. The glass will provide ample sunlight for daytime reading, and you can enjoy the scenic view of the outdoors while being in the comfort of your own home.


2. If you have a lake house or beach house, you will definitely be the envy of a lot of bookworms. There's nothing more soothing than curling up with a good book while enjoying the picturesque view. With the melodic trickling of the waters, you'll be drifting off into the magical world of your book before you even know it.

Perivolas Hideaway

3. Make good use of the space under your stairs! It's the perfect spot for a reading nook, and the modest space just makes it that much cozier. Have your favorite books with you at all times with an integrated book-storage space under the bench.

JWT Associates

4. Attics make such fantastic reading spots for those who enjoy a lot of leg room when they read. It's the perfect size for a mattress and a ton of throw pillows to prop yourself on while you read. Plus, you'll be able to get away from the noise and distractions of downstairs.

Hopkins Designs

5. There's no better lighting for your books than natural sunlight. Make the most out of your windows by dedicating a brightly-lit area for your reading pastime. Fill the area with lively plants, tons of soft pillows, and a convenient spot for you to place your cup of tea.



6. You can basically make any part of your home a cozy reading spot. Even if you don't have a designated reading area or your home doesn't conform to contemporary layouts, you can still find a comfortable, quiet spot like this raised bedroom and make it your go-to spot for enjoying your books.


7. Your furniture, like your home, doesn't have to be conventional or plain to be functional. Hanging chairs and hammocks actually make fantastic reading spots, as you can stretch out your legs and enjoy the gentle rocking of the suspended chair. Be careful not to fall asleep in such a comfortable environment!

Galeazzo Design

8. It's amazing to see how other people decorate their homes around the world. This reading nook is not something that we would typically see in North American homes, yet the furniture and the environment look every bit as appealing and inviting as all the other reading spots we've seen.


9. Another great use of the space under the stairs. No matter how you choose to decorate this area, be sure that there is ample lighting, a convenient spot to store your reading selection, and a good supply of comfy pillows.


10. Daybeds are the perfect bed-couch hybrid that can make reading so much more comfortable and enjoyable! This rustic daybed also provides plenty of room on the sides for books, cups, and some lovely decor. True reading bliss!

Miller Architects LTD


11. For the lucky few who have staircase windows, this reading-nook design is absolutely perfect for you! There is plenty of sunlight and tons of space for you to lie down while you momentarily escape reality.

Martha O'Hara Interiors

12. If you have a small, odd space in your home and you don't know what you can do with it, now is the time to let it shine. Reading nooks require very little space, and something as simple as a few pillows can easily turn that seemingly unusable space into your favorite part of the home.


13. Create a magical, private hideaway just for you and your books. Make use of existing nooks and small spaces around your home - you'll be surprised at how comfy and cozy they can be for reading.

Storage | Glee

14. This reading spot may seem unconventional, but it just goes to show how any ledge can be used to enjoy your pastime. Suddenly, all these odd spots around your house seem so full of potential, right?

Bernardo Rodrigues

15. This is such a clever and creative place to put a hammock. It's out of the way of everything else in your living room, and it's extra thrilling to read in an elevated spot.

Egue Y Seta

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