These 15 Life-Changing Hacks Will Keep Clothes Looking Brand New And Your Favorite Items Fresh

Denim, fluffy sweaters and suede are only a few of many materials that can't seem to keep their shape or color. Clothes can get dingy fast if they are not properly preserved. It doesn't matter how often the shopping mall is visited; clothes never look as good as when they were first bought. Luckily, there are a multitude of tips and tricks that can save any wardrobe in no time. 

1. Faded jeans can become a thing of the past by adding distilled vinegar to the last wash cycle.


2. In order to stop fluffy sweaters from shedding, put them into a ziploc bag and throw them in the freezer.


3. Got an oil stain on your favorite shirt? Don't give up hope, there is a solution. A sprinkle of baby powder on the stain overnight will do the trick. 


4. There is a right way and a wrong way to dry bras. Here are the wrong and right ways to do it.

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5. Wait at least five minutes before wearing freshly ironed clothes.

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6. Thought hanging up clothes in the closet was better than folding? Sometimes a hybrid of both is the best choice of all.

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7. Here is how to keep pants up with a broken zipper.


8. After the dryer shrinks your clothes, it may seem like they are as good as gone, but ironing vertically can bring shrunken clothes back to life. 


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9. Embarrassing deodorant stains are a breeze to clean up with a few swipes of a baby wipe. 

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10. Here is the best way to fold t-shirts. This will give dresser drawers a lot more space to store extra clothes.

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11. Here are the wrong and right ways to hang leather pants and skirts.

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12. Have sweat stains that you can’t seem to get out? Well, a squirt of lemon juice before washing will take those right out.


13. Brand new clothes can be incredibly soft. A soak in salt water for three days will bring that softness back.

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14. Don't throw sweaty gym clothes in the hamper. Instead, hang them up on a hanger until they get washed.

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15. Dirt can be a pain to get out of suede shoes, but a nail file can get into the creases in order pry away anything dragged in from the outside. 


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