These 15 Simple Makeup Guides Will Help You Perfect Your Beauty Routine

Most girls have been experimenting with makeup since their preteen years, and most of them have established a beauty routine through trial-and-error that they’re comfortable with. For most of us, there is still plenty of room to improve our makeup application, and now we have some super helpful guides to help us perfect that!

1. This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people make this mistake:

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2. Understand which lip colors best complement your skin tone.

Audrey Dao

3. Become a contour queen.

Stone Girl

4. Yes, your mani and pedi require color-coordination.

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5. This guide will help you shape your brows perfectly.



6. Bring out the color of your eyes with the right shades of eyeshadow.

Glo From Head 2 Toe

7. Did you know they have different applications?

Glitter Gloss Garbage

8. The most effective way to apply eyeshadow.

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9. Get the perfect coverage by understanding each foundation type.

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10. Look out for the specific mascara wand shape that will help you achieve your desired lash outcome.

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11. Make the most out of your beauty products before they expire!



12. You can make your own lip scrub with common household ingredients.

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13. Not all brushes come with instructions. Here's what your basic brushes are used for:

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14. Get the best eyebrow shape to complement your face shape.


15. A simple guide to applying false lashes.

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