These 16 Clever Google Search Tips Will Make You An Expert At Finding Things Online

Can you even remember the days before Google? When we had to use a different search engine or, gasp, the card catalog? Google makes pulling up just about anything a snap, but it's chock full of all sorts of hidden features. Check out a couple of Google's best hacks and just plain fun parlor tricks.

1. Use quotation marks to search for exact quotes or phrases.

2. Use the subtraction dash to exclude certain words from your search.

3. Enter the name of the site after "site:" if you want to search for something only on that site.

4. You can find similar content sites by using the same trick with the word "related."

5. To look for keywords, do a search with "allintext:" in the search bar.


6. You can do the same thing with a title.

7. You can even do it with the URL (the website address).

8. Or a location.

9. Searching for a particular file type, like an image or PDF, becomes way easier with this trick.

10. To narrow down your shopping search results, enter in a price range.

11. Forget a word from something you're searching? Replace the word with an asterisk.


12. Use the word "or" to broaden your searches.

13. Here are the only punctuation symbols that will actually affect your searches.

14. Use Google's specific searches to automatically narrow down your search and give you better results.

15. Here are a couple of other places to check out to optimize your Google searches.

16. And, of course, try these nifty Google tricks.

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