These 17 Animal Family Photos Will Put Your Ordinary Family Portraits To Shame. #4 Is So Cute.

If your family is anything like mine, let’s just say that family photo day is always an adventure. Scientists are trying to calculate why it’s so impossible to gather everyone in one place at the right time, in the right clothes, and making the right kind of face for the picture, but so far they’ve come up empty-handed.

Judging by these animal family photos below, it might be time to start taking cues from our furry friends. These family photos are absolutely adorable and may just inspire you to try something different for your next family photo.

1. A lovely family of sheep.

2. These penguins huddling together is priceless.

3. This majestic pack of lions.

4. Aww it looks like the meerkats are hugging.

5. These frogs, just lounging with dad.


6. This regal family of deer.

7. Family activities are a great way to bond.

8. This family of dogs looks quite dignified.

9. Note how Mommy and Daddy lead and bring up the rear. That’s some solid parenting teamwork.

10. These little snowballs getting goofy with mom.

11. "Have a great day at work, hon! Love you."

12. Whether it’s in the back of a minivan or on their own backs, moms know how to get kids where they need to be.


13. That is one strict looking father.

14. This gorgeous group of giraffes.

15. Aww! Kitten kisses. Is there anything cuter?

16. Now that’s a happy looking family right there.

17. Elephants playing around.

Okay, this was officially the cutest thing I’ve seen today. How is it that the elephants look more photogenic than a lot of people I know? Maybe it’s because they weren’t planning these moments and stressing about them. The candid nature of the shots allows the love to shine through. 

Credit: Imgur | ViralNova

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