These 17 Brilliant Tips Will Completely Change The Way You Do Laundry Forever

Everybody hates laundry day. It's great to have fresh, clean clothes at the end of it, but it's such a pain getting it all done. It's 2015, why can't our dryers go ahead and fold our laundry for us? 

At least with these handy tips, laundry day will go a little easier and you'll give your clean clothes an extra boost of freshness. 

Vinegar, baking soda and hot water revive old, musty towels back to new.

Passion for Savings

So you shrunk it. Don't fret. Soak the clothes in baby shampoo and water and pull them very gently until they go back to their original size.

One Good Thing by Jillee

Use a dry erase marker to write reminders of what doesn't go in the regular wash cycle. (This is perfect if a babysitter or houseguest will be doing laundry.)


Those ancient hieroglyphs actually have meanings.

Real Simple

Deep red stains will come out with salt and club soda.

Apartment Therapy


Spot clean stains on tablecloths by pouring laundry detergent right over the stain.

Reluctant Entertainer

If a grease stain is really in there, try rubbing a little dish soap onto the stain. It's meant to take grease off dishes, so it works better than laundry soap.

The Kitchn

Pre-treat ink stains with hairspray and hand sanitizer before you wash it.

One Good Thing by Jillee

If that still isn't doing the trick, pre-treat the stain with milk and vinegar before washing it.

Apartment Therapy

Keep a stain removal cheat sheet by the washer and dryer so you always have your tips close at hand.

Tip Junkie

Vinegar is a stink-removal superhero.

Ask Anna

Don't throw your delicates in the machine. Wash them gently by hand in a basin or in the tub.

Green Eileen


If the smell of dryer sheets doesn't do it for you, combat static with a ball of foil in the dryer.

The Creek Line House

A ball of wool will also reduce static and smooth out your clothes. (Just make sure it’s not ready to unspool.)

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

The most eco-friendly way to dry your clothes is with an old-fashioned clothes line.

Creative Cain Cabin

Here is the best way to fold a sweater.


Add a bit of cornstarch to the water when you iron your clothes to keep them professionally crisp for longer.

Clean and Scentsible

Credit: Aunty Acid

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