These 17 New Uses For Aluminum Foil Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

You know that you've got a roll of tin foil on hand for wrapping up leftovers and baking a turkey, but chances are, you are not using your aluminum foil to its full potential. It's a household heavy hitter, so start putting it to work. 

1. Ball up your foil and toss it in the dryer for a chemical-free dryer sheet.

The Creek Line House

2. Mix it with baking soda, salt and boiling water and use it to polish silver.

Green Bride Guide

3. Use it to make a barrier for doorknobs, hinges and other things you want to cover while you're painting.


4. Use it to scour rust from metal with water.

Feed the Birdies

5. Wrap the edges of a plastic bag together, seal with foil and use an iron to reseal bags.



6. Pour grease from the pan into a shallow bowl of foil. Let it harden and you can just throw it away, keeping it out of your sink entirely.

My Life as a Mrs.

7. You can hack AAA batteries if you're out of AA batteries by bridging the gap with a little tin foil.

Sara Linna

8. Clean a grill with no chemicals by using a wadded up ball of tin foil.


9. Roll your hair into pinwheels and wrap them in foil. Use a straightening iron to curl them for long-lasting waves.

Happy Little Hummingbird

10. Wrapping the ends of a banana in tin foil will help them last longer.

The Pinterest Experiment

11. Wrap the edges of your pie crust in tin foil to keep them from burning while you bake.

A Real-Life Housewife

12. Use foil to scour stubborn pots and pans.

My American Confessions


13. Make several cuts in a sheet of tin foil to sharpen dull scissors.

Mrs. Polly Rogers

14. Slipping a sheet of tin foil under heavy furniture will help it move more easily.


15. Cut your ironing time in half with aluminum foil

Elizabeth St.

16. Cover leftover pizza in a foil dome and reheat it for maximum crispiness.

Food Wishes

17. Use it to fashion a makeshift funnel to prevent spills.


Credit: Diply

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