These 17 Sentences Will Make You Rethink Everything About Your Life.

Everyone knows that you get your best ideas in the shower. If you've ever poked around the sub-Reddit thread, you know that you get your most profound thoughts in the shower as well. Check out these incredible real life epiphanies that'll make you go "wow."

1. But, they will still want you to play Farmville.

2. I don't know if my vision is that good, but I see your point.

3. But, that's without traffic.

4. Happy Thursday!

5. Sounds like a lot of exercise. So, I can skip the gym?


6. File system anarchy.

7. Meanwhile, dolphins are laughing at you.

8. And you thought "Real Housewives" was bad.

9. The ultimate command-Z.

10. I just assume I have duck face all the time.

11. Some flights more than others.


12. No, YOU are.

13. Only your epidermis is showing.

14. I'm a real trailblazer.

15. There goes the neighborhood.

16. Prepare to Wikipedia it in five, four, three...

17. Some roads might be paved with bad behavior too.

Credit: Reddit | ViralNova

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