These 20 Animals Have Markings That Make Them Stand Out, And They Don't Even Know It.

Nature definitely has a flair for the aesthetic. Want proof? Just check out these animals, who've got some pretty interesting markings. 

1. This turtle wears his heart on his neck, not his sleeve. 

Bored Panda

2. Can you guess this cow's favorite number?


3. The spot on this cat's chin makes her appear perpetually in awe. 


4. Next test: guess this turtle's favorite band.

Laura Lokkie

5. This dog dressed up as a raccoon for Halloween. He's still trying to remove his makeup. 

Bored Panda

6. This dog has an angelic face. 


7. This cat's got a lot of heart...

Bored Panda


8. But she's got some competition. 

Bored Panda

9. Check out this mustachioed feline. 

Bored Panda

10. Batman's puppy. 

Bored Panda

11. This dog's got some fine eyebrows...

Bored Panda

12. But this one is not very impressed. 

Bored Panda

13. And this cat decided to get in on the eyebrow fun. 

Bored Panda

14. This cat's got some questionable fur. 

Jodie Edens

15. I hope this cat loves Christmas.

Bored Panda


16. This dog's got Mickey Mouse on his back. 

Disney Parks

17. And what's this cow's favorite number?

No Sweat

18. This cat has been working on his facial hair. Do you like it?

Lucy Preciado

19. This cat's eyebrows are getting away from him.

Misi Vet Vet

20. Looks like someone's making a bunny-shaped shadow figure on this cat's side.

Bored Panda

The markings on these animals must be amazing conversation starters. 

Credit: ViralNova

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