These 20 Photos Prove That Having Kids Means There's Never A Dull Moment

Kids do the craziest, funniest things, don't they? They certainly have a knack for getting into trouble, but even when they're painting your floor blue or flushing your keys down the drain, they don't mean to deliberately upset you. Plus, the photos can make for some amazing memories down the line, as these pictures will prove!

1. That's one way to tell the difference...


Having identical twins can be confusing. Especially when looking at them from the top down. Here's one way to make sure you can always know which kid is which while strolling down the street.

2. When it's too quiet, start worrying.


Free-roaming children and crayons, pens, or pencils is a dangerous conbination. This little one decided to redecorate every white surface. Look at it this way though: some people pay a lot of money for this kind of modern art.

3. Kids don't sleep, they just recharge.


What you see here is the calm before the storm. It's evident this little nap was designed by them to pick back up right where it left off and as soon as those little batteries are full, they'll once again be back up to full speed in no time.

4. "There was nothing good on!"


This little guy had a great idea to solve the problem of "watching too much TV". Perhaps he was told it will hurt his eyes or turn his brain to mush. Either way, he's made sure nobody will be watching much TV for a while now.

5. Awwww!

Bright Side

Not all kids are up to no good. This gentleman is helping a little girl get her shoes strapped up. Based on the hats and jackets, I'd say they're getting geared up for some outdoor fun. He's sure earned it with those manners.

6. Partners in crime.


One thing can be said about siblings: when they're on your side, they are a lot of help. On one hand, there's the risk of it being a "he did it!" setup. But on the other hand, you've sometimes got to get through the doggy door.

7. What a gentleman!


Flowers are a delightful gift. Sure they may have come straight from someone's garden on the way over. And sure, the surprise may be ruined, but she looks excited nonetheless.


8. Best friends for life.


Being a dad isn't easy. Being a dad of a little girl who's having to leave the park after playing with her best friend is even harder. Sometimes a dad's just gotta grab em and go.

9. "Don't worry mom, it'll wash right out."


There's something magnetic about mud that kids and dogs understand and adults seem to lose as we get older. Maybe it's just the fact that we know mud is a pain to clean up and an adult hosing off in the driveway looks a little... odd.

10. Oh dear...


Either this girl has started an Etsy shop creating pillows, which would be impressive, or she's discovered that there are many cubic feet of fake snow hidden inside every pillow. She's probably also wishing there was a dog to blame everything on right about now.

11. He's going through his Blue Period.


The thing about paint is that it happens so quickly. It's easy to open, liquid, and puposely comes in bright, bold colors. This kid was clearly left alone long enough to get the pait, create some fresh art on the rug and lay down for a nap. Which in child-time can be anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.

12. "You'll never see me here."


Something about that stuffed alligator looks weird. How it's propped up against the wall, and the odd fleshy things sticking out around the neck area... By the way, have you seen a kid anywhere around here?

13. He OD'd on jelly.


We've all heard the term "getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar". But the jelly jar? Regardless of what transpired up to the point this picture was taken, I think we can all agree on how impressive it is that he actually made it to the bottom before deciding to call it a night.

14. "Do I LOOK like I'm ready yet?"


Again, leaving kids along with art supplies leads them to find any kind of canvas. Even if there's no paper or walls nearby, it only takes a couple markers and a mirror to turn a kid into a superhero.


15. Best friends will put up with each other.


Why else would someone get a white dog? Aren't they like a big, washable, furry, art pillow? It beats cleaning marker out of the drapes, but let's hope there's no dog show appearances planned. 

16. "Heeeeelp!"


Cats, on the other hand, are notoriously less tolerant of kids. I certainly don't know exactly what he's thinking, but it's probably something along the lines of "please get me out of this baby cage".

17. When gardening goes wrong.


What we've got here is a more evolved cross-bred version of kids' obsession with art and mud. It's good that it was outside because mud, as one of mother natures most notorious art supplies, doesn't come out of most fabrics too well.

18. Let this be a lesson: keep your passport away from your kids.


Passport and ID photos are in a word, boring. This guy's kids thought so too and decided to give his passport a little more flair. Also, why just him? Shouldn't it be a family photo with everyone involved?

19. Look what I found in the berry patch...


While this was probably a well-orchestrated photoshoot, let's entertain the fact that there's a small chance this chunky little baby decided to take all of the strawberries outside, dump them in a tub, and treat itself to a fruit bath after a long, hard day.

20. "All aboard!"


Some kids are up to no good, some are helpful. Others just care about looking fabulous. This lady looks destined to spend a long life on the water.

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