These 22 Facts Are So Strange You Won't Believe They're True. #14 Is Downright Terrifying

Is your life not quite full enough of trivia? Here are some of our favorite random/weird/esoteric stories to keep up your sleeve. Feel free to bring them out on your next date, dinner party, in line for the bathroom, any time you need a quick ice breaker to get some conversation flowing.

1. Warden of a West Virginia jail might have thought that jailbird Robert Shepard was just really, really into oral hygiene. But in June of 1994, Shepard, while waiting trail for robbery charges, used a rope braided out of minty waxed dental floss to escape over an 18-foot-high prison wall. He was recaptured 41 days later.

2. Keds claim that their shoes were the first to earn the name "sneakers." In 1917, an ad campaign boasted that the rubber soles would make it easier to sneak up and scare someone than the leather soles of the day. Mean, Keds, mean.

3. There's a Danish tradition of covering friends with cinnamon if they reach their 25th birthday without marrying.

4. Popsicles were invented by an 11-year-old in Oakland named Frank Epperson. Frank left soda mix, water and a wooden stick in a glass and forgot it outside on a cold night. And thus, the sweetest summer treat was invented.

5. Family time can wear out the best of us, but next time, just think of Ziona Chana of northeastern India. He is the head of the world's biggest family. 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren all live with him in his four-story mansion.

6. When Vietnamese herbalist Tran Van Hay passed away at the age of 79, he had not had a haircut in over 54 years. He decided at 25 years old to stop cutting it and let it grow to 22 feet long. His shower drain is traumatized for life.

7. Remember when the New York Times told us to put peas on our guacamole and all of us, including Barack Obama, gave a resounding "nope"? Apparently this is a thing in Brazil. Peas on pizza. Major side-eye, Brazil.


8. A horse's teeth never stop growing. This horse needs a dentist, pronto.

9. It's likely that proto-hipster beardo Henry David Thoreau was one of America's first regular yoga practitioners.

10. Although your hair can tell a lot about you-- what's been in your bloodstream, your nutrients, whether or not you need an alibi for a crime-- it cannot tell if you are a man or a woman.

11. Muhammad Ali's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the only star to be mounted on a wall rather than the famous sidewalk itself.

12. Remember how annoying people were about the Mayan Apocalypse nonsense in 2012? The Chinese government thought so too and arrested people who spread rumors about it.

13. On August 7th, 1994, gelatinous blobs fell from the sky in Oakville, Washington. The next day, many people in the town came down with flu-like symptoms. The residents of Oakville got better, but the gross blobs have never been identified.

14. A head wound from Word War I left Hungarian soldier Paul Kern unable to sleep for the rest of his life. He lived another 40 years after his shooting.

15. Students at a Chicago High School played Justin Beiber's "Baby" over the school intercom for three days. They raised $1,000 from their classmates to put a stop to the Beiber fever. The money benefitted a local art center.


16. Chameleons can change their color in as little as 20 seconds. They do it not only to defend themselves from predators, but to blend in for better hunting and to communicate with other chameleons.

17. There was a 6-month sentence for North Koreans charged with not being sad enough after the death of Kim Jong Il in 2011.

18. The most recent moonwalker, Gene Cernan in 1972, used his precious little moon time to draw his daughters initials, "TDC", in the lunar dust.

19. Oh, you think you got it bad with traffic? Try being in the Highway 110 traffic jam in China in 2010. The epic jam lasted 10 days.

20. More than 200 would-be climbers found their final resting place on the mountain itself. 

21. The University of Nebraska Lincoln's 87,000-seat Cornhusker stadium on game day has a population large enough to be considered Nebraska's third largest city.

22. The Cuban Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world. It weighs less than a penny.

Via: Life Buzz

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