These 23 Photos Look Like They've Been Photoshopped, But They Are Completely Real.

These days, anyone can manipulate a picture in Photoshop and make it mind-bending. But, what takes a brilliant stroke of genius is timing a photo just right (okay, let's be honest...and luck). These photos have great timing, optical illusions and crazy nature to thank for their existence...

1. This teenager walking on water.

2. This kid biking on water.

3. This leggy fox. It's actually a Maned Wolf, the supermodel of the canine genus.

4. This performance by Johan Lorbeer in New York's Grace Plaza as a promo for the Rockport Company.

5. This wobbly railroad track in New Zealand. It looks like a Photoshop trick or a Google Earth fail, but it's actually damage from an earthquake.

6. This Human Barbie. She's not a robot, but she’s had a whole lot of plastic surgery.

7. This plane crossing over the Autobahn at Liepzig Airport.

8. This tipping Hugo Boss boat. It was a stunt by sailor Alex Thomson (sponsored by Hugo Boss, obviously) that's called a "keel walk."


9. This lava skull haunting the ocean. 

10. These giants sitting atop a mountain while a mere mortal scurries away quickly.

11. This melting building. It's actually a tarp placed on the building while it was under construction.

12. These bendable trees in Poland. They grew this way from the extreme weather conditions.

13. This surfer-eating creature from the deep that's actually just seaweed at high tide. 

14. This pizza in space. No really, it's a pizza in space! Are you gonna eat that?

15. This half-and-half-cat with what's called chimera coloring, and an all-natural Halloween costume.

16. This piece of sky falling in an art installation by Kiwi artist Neil Dawson.

17. This black hole house. It was an art project created from a house scheduled for demolition.


18. This quilted wave pattern that happens when waves of different directions meet each other.

19. This headless gymnast in the middle of a jump.

20. This super clever toothpaste billboard.

21. This afterlife-inspired view from a salt flat in Bolivia with a surface so smooth that it becomes a mirror.

22. This weird dimension art by Swiss artist Felice Varini.

23. This real life optical illusion done with normal Legos and photographed with a telecentric lens.

Credit: ViralNova

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