These 23 Pictures Feature The Cutest Odd Couples Ever Giving Cuddles That Will Warm Your Heart.

There is nothing better than the unconditional love of an animal. But when animals show each other that they care? Be prepared to have your heart melt into a gooey puddle.

1. One puppy. One kitty. One epic cuddle.

2. You can just feel the purring, can't you?

3. We all need a big protector sometimes.

4. Move over, these two got places to be.

5. They've got their love to keep them warm.

6. Have I told you lately that I love you?

7. Your kisses are sweeter than honey.


8. This mama dog watches over her litter of kittens.

9. An odd couple.

10. So. Much. Cute.

11. Is there room for one more in this cuddle puddle?

12. Growing up is better with friends.

13. Long day, right?

14. Oh, cubs, you drive me wild with your cute.

15. More hugs? Well, if you insist.


16. Really, who cares who won the race?

17. Onward, trusty steed.

18. You otter be ashamed of this PDA.

19. Enchanted forest, indeed.

20. Being this adorable must be exhausting.

21. Just look at this tiny monkey, I can't even....

22. Another long, hard day of being delightful.

23. This lamb's BFF's got her back.

Credit: Full Punch

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