These 25 Cats Were Caught Sleeping In The Most Bizarre Places You've Ever Seen

If there's one thing that cats have really mastered, it's the fine art of sleeping. They average up to 15 hours of snooze a day, but if they're feeling especially ambitious, they can do up to 20 hours in a 24-hour day. Oh, and they don't need a bed, either. Sure, they'll take it and maybe even nudge you right out of your own bed, but cats can sleep just about anywhere. Here are 25 cats catching up on sleep just wherever, whenever. Jealous yet?

1. "It's called a headboard for a reason."

2. "This cat bed is a double."

3. "I plank."

4. "I know what you are thinking, but don't you dare. Seriously, don't even think about it."

5. "Just keeping it casual."

6. "Long day at the office.”

7. "All this scratching wears me out."

8. "Thank you for the wooden hammock."

9. "I need to line dry out."

10. "Oh, don't act like you never fall asleep in the middle of watching something."


11. "Or in front of the computer."

12. "These boots were made for nappin' and that's just what they'll do."

13. "Hey man, I don't judge your sleeping positions."

14. "You know how sometimes you just need a big heavy blanket on you?"

15. "Mail day is the best holiday."

16. "Make a few more copies, I love it when the machine purrs."

17. "Taking this nap to new heights."

18. "Never judge someone until you've slept an afternoon in his moccasins."

19. "My secret to staying young? Sleep and hydration."

20. "Just suspend your disbelief that this is comfortable."

21. "Just chillin' on the couch."


22. "Seriously, why don't you humans ever sleep in these? They're perfect."

23. "I don't see a problem here."

24. "It's good for the arch support."

25. "More boxes please."

26. "Let's be real, you weren't really going to get around to the dishes tonight, were you?"

27. "Clearly, I have found the perfect nap bin."

28. "This homework is exhausting."

29. "A perfectly potted housecat."

30. "Admit it though, it looks pretty good, huh?"

Credit: Distractify

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