These 25 Superstitions From Around The World Are Sure To Leave You Scratching Your Head

Some people are more superstitious than others. There are some common superstitions, such as considering it bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. But others are more personal. If you notice great things happening while wearing a certain shirt, you might find yourself wearing it more often. That's perfectly normal. But then, there are some other really strange ones. Let's take a look at the 25 strangest superstitions around the world.

1. Tuesday the 13th is an unlucky day in Spain, not Friday the 13th. (Learn more)

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2. You may have noticed there is no fourth floor in some buildings. That’s because in China, they consider the number four to be very unlucky. (Learn more)

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3. Owls are considered unlucky in Egypt. They are thought to bring bad news to people who hear or see one. (Learn more)


4. Carry an empty bucket is a sign of a bad omen in Russia. (Learn more)

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5. In Rwanda, some women believe that eating goat meat will make them grow facial hair. (Learn more)

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6. Killing a spider means it will rain the next day in Finland. (Learn more)

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7. In Senegal, people keep their travel plans private. They believe telling others might ruin the trip. (Learn more)

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8. Don’t ever sit on a pillow in Malaysia. They believe that your bottom and backside will be covered in boils and blisters. (Learn more)



9. In France, it's good luck to step in dog poop with your left foot, but bad luck to step in it with your right foot. (Learn more)


10. If you chew gum at night in Turkey, it’s thought to be that you’re chewing dead flesh. (Learn more)


11. It's considered bad luck to give cheers with water in Germany. (Learn more)

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12. Some South Koreans believe that running a fan in a closed room while sleeping is fatal. (Learn more)

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13. Don’t let your wallet or purse touch the floor in Brazil. They believe it will cause you to become poor. (Learn more)

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14. People save their broken dishes all year long in Denmark. They then throw them at the houses of friends and family on New Year's Eve. The larger the amount, the more good luck you have to give. (Learn more)


15. In North America, some believe that it’s bad luck to step on a crack in the pavement. As the kids say, “if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back.” Yikes. (Learn more)

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16. You won’t see many people walking backwards in Portugal. They believe it teaches the devil your path. (Learn more)


17. In Egypt, opening and closing a pair of scissors without cutting anything is very bad luck. They say you are cutting evil spirits in the air and they will get mad. (Learn more)



18. In Bulgaria, it's good luck if a bird poops on you. (Learn more)

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19. In Itally, some people are afraid of Friday the 17th because of the Roman numeral XVII. It can be arranged to make the word "VIXI," which means "my life is over" in Latin. (Learn more)


20. In Spain, it is bad luck to enter a room with your left foot. (Learn more)

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21. In India, it's bad luck to wash or cut your hair on Thursday or Saturday. It's even worse to clip your nails on Tuesday, Saturday or at night. (Learn more)


22. Singing at the dinner table or lending salt to your neighbor is bad luck in the Netherlands. (Learn more)

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23. It's bad luck to kiss a baby on the lips in Nigeria. They believe it will cause them to grow up as droolers. (Learn more)


24. In the United States, many 19th century farmhouses in Vermont have slanted windows. These were believed to prevent witches from flying through them. (Learn more)


25. In Sweden, be careful which manholes you step on. The ones marked with "A" mean heartbreak and badluck, while ones marked with "K" stand for love. (Learn more)

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