These 26 Smiling Animals Will Add A Dose Of Happiness To Your Wednesday

We all love to smile. There are so many wonderful reasons to smile, but sometimes it's great to smile for no reason at all. Here are 26 of the most joyful animals we could find that are excited to smile whether they've got a reason to or not!

1. Smiling brighter than the sun!

2. If only we could cuddle this little guy.

3. Who doesn't love flowers?

4. Just peeking out to say "shello."

5. This next one "otter" make you grin.

6. "Snow" way you aren't smiling by now!

7. "Don't tag me in that one, I was blinking!"

8. Totally chill.


9. She must have known she was having her picture taken.

10. "Are you sure I'm not too close to the camera?"

11. When your parents tell you to smile but you don't want to.

12. This pup invented the ":P" emoji.

13. When you're wrapped up in your favorite blanket.

14. ROFG (Rolling On The Floor Giraffing)

15. What a "ham."

16. This frog looks like it's just been told a juicy secret.

17. "If you know what I mean ..."


18. Lol.

19. Nothing like hitting the open road to make you smile.

20. Wink-wink.

21. Their smiles are a "ray" of light!

22. I'm always happy when my hair is on point.

23.  "Ahhh"

24. Today, don't feel baaaaad. Smile!

25. This dolphin sure ain't feelin’ blue.

26. Hope you have an extra spring in your step today!

Via: Sun Gazing

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