These 28 Wild Mice Are Possibly The Cutest Animals In The Entire World

If you've ever seen one in your house, you know that mice can be horrific pests. They carry disease, they destroy crops, and they terrorize bird populations. Mice are a real mess.

Fortunately for mice, they have a super strong weapon of self-defense: their undeniable cuteness. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a mouse in the wild? 

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Kaloyan Hristov

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Matt Binstead

Miroslav Hlavko

Benjamin Joseph Andrew | Matt Binstead

Miroslav Hlavko

Lynn Griffiths


Adam Hough

Benjamin Joseph Andrew

Mark Wright

Benjamin Joseph Andrew

Jerry Harwood

Pavlo Lutsan


Trevor Owen

Jonas Šimkus

Benjamin Joseph Andrew


Paul Tymon

Paul Tymon

Molly Michelin | David Hughes


Izzy Standbridge

John Gooday

Stephane Olivier

Mark Bridger

Credit: BoredPanda

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