These 29 Phrases Are Spoken Every Day, But Are You Saying Them Right? #10 Took Me By Surprise

English is a weird, weird language. (I mean, just look at the word "language.") Even if you're a member of the grammar police, there might be a few commonly used English phrases that you've been saying wrong this whole time. Check out this list of 29 common mistakes and see how you do.

1. You might care less.

2. Well, anyway, you might be saying this wrong.

3. You might be muting your moot point.

4. It can't be in the same because how would it fit?

5. Does this change all your near hit stories?

6. There might be a statute of limitations on that statue though.

7. People might not be waiting for you with bated breath if you have bait on your breath.

8. This is a little bit nitpicky. 

9. You might have another think coming if you think you've been saying this thing correctly.


10. Some intents and purposes might be intensive.

11. You've piqued it, but it's not peaked yet.

12. All good and well.

13. If you're blaming it on the goats, you might need a new scapegoat.

14. You wanna bring it on, not take it out.

15. Depreciating means you'll lose value over time. Your self-deprecating jokes aren't quite that bad.

16. Oh, come on now. You knew that.

17. Don't let this one go to waste.                   

18. What is a "nother"?

19. You came, you saw this, you conquered grammar.


20. It's all awkward sounding.

21. You're getting closer, not sharper.

22. But that espresso will shift you into express mode.

23. You should faze out saying this phrase wrong.

24. Un momento, per favor, I need to purchase a memento for this moment.

25. You might be in the fetal position if you're feeble.

26. Nope, not even a word.

27. Don't blame it on the scotch.

28. Maybe next time you converse, you can work this into the conversation.

29. It matters how you spell it, even if it sounds the same.

Credit: A Plus

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