These 32 Brilliant And Easy Tips Will Have You Decluttered In No Time. #9 Is A Game Changer.

It's a new year, a new you, and a new life is just waiting for you, once you unearth it from all the madness-inducing clutter. Here are brilliant ways to unclog, declutter and stress-free your life. Go detangle your best self. Namaste.

1. Bookmark a new device’s user manual online or download the PDF.

Apartment Therapy 

2. The Rule of Five: Get rid of five items every time you clean a room.


3. Velcro your remotes to their proper place.

Seana Method

4. Use shower curtain hooks to hang bags.


5. Use your under-desk space wisely with baskets or bins.

79 Ideas

6. Use bungee cords to make a stuffed animal pen for kids.

A.K. Griffith Blogpost 

7. Make the bed first when you clean the bedroom. You can then use the bed for folding laundry and the messy stuff will look weird next to a made bed.

Apartment Therapy 

8. Clean out your fridge and freezer on a super hot day. The cold air will feel luxurious.


9. Limit your closet to 40 hangers.

Living Well Spending Less

10. And simplify by being honest with yourself on this one question:


11. Use a sock to corral cords.

Real Simple

12. Compartmentalized boxes, like the ones sold for crafting and pills, are great for storing tiny things that end up in the bottom of the drawer.

Today’s Mama


13. You can hide all stories from a particularly annoying source (check-ins for example) or make friend lists to stay in touch with only your nearest and dearest.

Here’s the Thing

Here’s the Thing

14. Store your bedsheets in a matching pillowcase.


15. Keep a basket for everyone in the family: when you see an item laying around, put it in that person's basket. Everyone is then responsible for his or her own basket.

Sew Many Ways

16. Hang a mail holder on the side of a table to prevent piles of paper.

All Glorious Blog 

17. Always open your mail next to the recycling bin.


18. Store your spare cords on the inside of your cupboards.

SF/LA Organized Interioirs

19. Try this handy bucket system for the hose and sprinkler.

Family Handyman 

20. Running a powercord through your night stand lets you charge your gadgets at night.


21. Every time you buy a new shirt, donate two from your closet to a charity.


22. Sort your cosmetics into palettes.

Z Palette

23. A pegboard and zip ties under your desk keep it nice and neat.




24. The Key Ring App for your phone is way handier than the discount cards.

Cooking at Cafe D


25. Get into the habit of donating books when you go to the library. Or sell them for extra cash.

Elle Decor

26. Attach a caddy to your bucket to streamline your cleaning.


27. Hooks can be easier for kids to use than towel bars.

Harvard Homemaker

28. Secure cords to their sources with Velcro to keep them neatly wrapped up.

Jen Thousand Words

29. Keep board games in a bin when their boxes get ratty.

Raising Lemons

Raising Lemons

30. Divide and conquer your clutter traps.


31. Genius Scan lets you use your smartphone as a pocket scanner.


32. Limit your dish sets to only a couple more than the required place settings. It keeps the dishes from getting out of hand.

Clam Lab Blog

Credit: Buzzfeed

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