These 33 Awesome Homes Are Guaranteed To Give You Home Envy.

It's okay to indulge in a little home envy every now and then. Want an indoor pool? A winding library? Daydreaming is free, so get ready to fall in love with these 33 awesome home custom builds.

1. A boring door does double duty as a ping pong table.

Tobias Fraenzel

2. A kitty condo goes steampunk.

Because We Can

3. A chandelier turns any room into a mysterious forest after nightfall.

Hilden and Diaz

4. This comfy hammock bed.

Le Beanock

5. This sliding staircase shortcut.


6. A staircase that houses your books.

Levitate Architects

7. Just about anything can live under the stairs.

Deriba Furniture

8. Keep your herbs fresh and right where you need them in the kitchen.


9. This hideaway wine cellar.

10. This super cozy mini-beach.



11. This loungey outdoor theater.

12. An indoor treehouse for the little ones.

13. A hammock fills the staircase well perfectly.

14. This inviting stained glass door.

15. This underground skateboard lair.

Pierre Andre Senizergues

16. A pool you can just wander into.

17. A dinner-pool combo table.

18. An indoor outdoor pool with spa jets.


19. This firepit centerpiece of a glass coffee table.


20. This coffee table and fire pit combo table.

21. This aquatic life headboard.


22. A sandbox desk to unlock your inner child.

Justin Kemp

23. A safe outdoor kitty catwalk system.

24. This Cloud Gate inspired tube slide.

 David Hotson

25. A stylish pod office on the go.

26. Balcony pools hanging over the ledge.

James Law

27. A swingset dinner table.

28. A portable ping pong table.

29. A bathroom that confirms your fear of heights.

Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

30. A facade that plays music when it rains.


31. A see-through bathtub.

Stern McCafferty

32. A marooned ship bedroom.


33. An indoor ice cave.

Which one is a must-have in your dream home? Let me know. I’ll be in my indoor/outdoor pool. 

Credit: Bored Panda

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