These 7 Chihuahuas Have The Most Unexpected Dad

What could be more adorable than a Chihuahua? They're tiny, full of personality, and know how to play dead better than any other breed of dog out there. So, when you have seven Chihuahuas living under the same roof, as is the case with the Yuta family, things are bound to be pretty cute. That's right, one family in Thailand has seven Chihuahuas - five puppies along with their two parents. The puppies, named Yuta, Kuma, Mocha, Nami, and Hana, are probably a handful, but the Yuta family isn't without a little help. All seven of the dogs, mom and dad included, are being raised by a cat named Ritchie.

You read that correctly - a family of seven Chihuahuas is being raised by a single cat father named Ritchie. I know this sounds more like the premise of a great animated movie than something that's really happening, but we've got the Instagram pictures to prove it. Unlikely animal pairs are one of our favorite things to cover here at Wimp. I mean, who's capable of frowning while watching this rescued piglet and kitten play together? Given how wonderful these surprising animal friendships usually are, it's no wonder we were so excited when we discovered the Yuta family and their eight furry friends. 

Check out the pictures below for some highlights from the family's Instagram feed. With so many cuties running around all day, it's a wonder the Yutas get any work done at all. If I were them, I'd be spending all day snapping pics of this unlikely father and his seven adorable babies.

This is the Yuta family's gang of Chihuahuas. Yuta, Kuma, Mocha, Nami, and Hana, plus mom and dad. They were a big family already, but why not add one more furry friend for good measure?


This is Ritchie, the big gray-and-white cat who's become a father-figure to the seven Chihuahuas.

The eight of them get along remarkably well and have even been known to get dressed up in their best outfits for a family photo. The entire gang can fill up a dog bed made for one regular-sized dog.

The tiniest pup of the litter, Kuma, has taken quite a liking to Ritchie. They couldn't be more opposite, but that doesn't stop them from loving on each other. As you can see, Ritchie is very protective of his "kids."

These two are pretty much inseparable. Even when Ritchie tries to sneak away for some alone time, Kuma is never far behind.


The Internet has fallen in love with this charming family ever since the Yutas started documenting their daily adventures on Instagram.

No matter how hectic things get, this family always has time for a snuggle. These pictures of Ritchie and his seven "babies" are a beautiful reminder that fatherhood comes in all shapes, sizes, and species.

H/T: LittleThings | Yuta Family

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