These Abandoned Places Will Give You The Creeps For Very Good Reasons

You have to be really brave and a little rebellious to be an urbex photographer; short for "urban explorer," urbex refers to a photographer who takes pictures of the interiors of abandoned places. While just about anything can produce gorgeous urbex photos – local malls, gas stations, houses – some places are especially photogenic, just that perfect balance between beautiful, creepy, surreal and haunting. Here are 11 of the best-abandoned places on earth.

1. This abandoned church, still set up for a baby's funeral.

2. This shuttered Spanish doll factory.

3. The former home of Viktor Yanukovych, after he left his estate in Kiev, Ukraine in a hurry.


4. Surreally vacant mining town, Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert.

5. A crumbling movie theater in Detroit, Michigan.

6. Foliage reclaiming a train station in Abkhazia, Georgia.

7. WWII lighthouse in Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia.


8. Australian psychiatry ward from the 1860s.

9. This supposedly haunted temple in Bhangarh, India.

10. Uninhabited orphanage in Celles, Belgium.

11. The bus from Chris McCandless' memoir, "Into the Wild."

Via: Places You’ll See

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