These Acts Of Kindness Will Make You Believe In Humanity. Especially #2.

Watching the news can often be depressing. It seems there is always so much bad to report that one wonders, where has all the good in the world gone? When times get especially rough, there is no better quote to remember than the words of Mr. Rogers:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You can always find people who are helping.’”

These next pictures prove his words to be right. They show daring rescues, incredible acts of kindness, and relentless perseverance. Check them out for yourself and you will see – there is a lot of good left in the world. 

1. This lamb most certainly would have drowned without the brave intervention of these young men. 

2. This bookstore offers a special deal – if you need or want to read, help yourself. 

3. This young lady is displaying the true meaning of sportsmanship by helping a competitor cross the finish line. 

4. This man braved muddy waters to save stranded kittens during a flood. 


5. These young boys found a genius way to help a dog who was stuck in a ditch. 

6. If you are looking for a job, you don’t need money to use this dry cleaner’s services. 

7. This man generously gave the shoes off his feet to a young homeless woman. 

8. In this daring rescue, a young man put his own safety at risk to save a drowning dog. 

9. I am sure the owners of this car were very thankful for these helpful strangers. 

10. It’s not often that you see headlines like this. 

11. This New Yorker knows that a simple flower can make someone’s day. 

12. These brave soldiers found an ingenious way to help children cross turbulent waters. 


13. This picture proves that when it comes to friendship, color does not matter. 

14. A fireman gives water to a dehydrated koala bear during a forest fire. 

15. This family provides free water to their neighborhood on hot days. 

16. When a tiny ducking slipped down a street grate, these police officers took time out of their days to save its life. 

17. This man pays strangers to listen to their troubles. 

18. During the civil unrest in Egypt in 2011, these Christians formed a protective circle around praying Muslims in Cairo. 

19. The city of San Francisco honored this young leukemia patient by making him Batman for a day. 

Credit: Imgur

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