These Adorable Animals Are Made By Hand. How This Woman Crochets Such Tiny Creatures Is So Cool

Vietnamese fiber arts family collective, Su Ami, has a little project that will melt your heart in a big way. They're teeny-tiny animals, crocheted by hand and each one only reaches a height of 10 to 20 millimeters. Did we mention how unbearably cute these are?

"My size is irr-elephant. I can still capture your heart."

"King? More like the little prince of the jungle."

"Teacup dogs? Psssh, I'm a teaspoon dog."

"Narrrrrrwhale, ahoy, mateys."

"You're gonna hear me roar. You just have to listen really carefully." 

"I'd make a great Muletide present, get it?"

"I'm so cute, it's giraffing you crazy, right?"

"Can someone crochet a tiny flower for me?"

"I'm the bandit of the animal kingdom, coming straight for your heart."


“Don’t you love me? I’m an itty-bitty, teeny weenie dog.” 

"You have room for sock monkeys at this party, right?"

"You're looking mighty sharp, yourself."

"Owl always love you."

"You're a cute little stinker."

"Schnauzer, at your service.” 

"I promise, I'll never get your goat."

"You'd never guess that I'm still kind of the black sheep."

"Practically purrrrfect."


"Just swan kiss?"

"Look what came in the snail mail."

"I may be tiny, but I sure am foxy."

"I shell love you forever."

"Here, there be dragons."

"I whale always be here for you."

"Will you turn the heat up? It's Bichon Frise-ing in here."

If you absolutely need these mini critters in your life, Su Ami has an Etsy store.

Credit: Su Ami

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