These Adorable Parent-Child Duos Prove That Love For Your Family Goes Beyond The Human World

Anton Belovodchenko

Parenting is no easy task, as any parent will tell you. But the rewarding parts, the moments of just being warm and happy with a baby, make it all worthwhile. It's something even our animal friends know all too well. They might not have access to the mommy blogs and high-tech baby gadgets, but these 24 animals know the joys of parenting all too well.

This polar bear keeps her little cub safe and warm in her big claws.

Anton Belovodchenko

Two Maasai Mara lionesses lovingly watch their new baby sibling on a walk.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

A giraffe bends all the way down to nuzzle her little baby.

Jan Pelcman

This mom otter gives her baby a swimming lesson.

Chuck Babbitt

Looks like it tuckered him out.

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This squirrel holds her tiny hairless newborn baby.

The Pensive Squirrel


These chicks haven't even gotten their colors yet, but their rainbow-hued mother loves them anyway.

Ric Seet

This possum mama loads up the kids on her back like a living minivan.

Jeanette DiAnda

This little pup is doing the fox version of "hold my hand while we cross the street.”

Igor Shpilenok

Elephants are known for being especially affectionate with their babies, linking trunks when they travel.

Laurie Rubin

This tiny bear cub showers his mom with kisses.

Tin Man

This loving swan tucks her goslings under her wings to keep them dry.

Daily Mail

This fierce crocodile shows her softer side transporting her 11 babies across the Chambal River in India.

Udayan Rao Pawar

This lioness delights her little cub with a belly rub.

Daniel Munger

These penguin dads keep watch over the baby penguins in the group while the others go out to find food.

John Downer Productions


This hippo mom and her calf take a stroll along the lake floor.

Daily Mail

This prairie dog couple and their baby share in a loving embrace.

Wolfgang von Vietinghoff

A mama and baby grizzly have play time in the water.

Marco Mattiussi

This tiger cleans off her little one's face.

Michael Nichols

This bear teaches his cub a few woodsy lessons on a springtime walk.

Edwin Kats

This little chick takes a ride in the backseat.

Jim Ridley

This baby pangolin takes a nap while her mom has a snack of ants.


This mouse feeds her little one.

Andre Pretorius

Snowy plover chicks play hide-and-seek with Mom.

Michael Milicia

Credit: Earth Porm

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