These Amazing Life Hacks Will Bring Much-Needed Simplicity To Your Day

It's easy to make life more complicated. Whether it be through miscommunication or working too hard and not getting enough rest, many of us like to make life harder for ourselves. Sometimes with a little innovation, we can make life a little easier and give ourselves more time to relax and enjoy the things we truly love. It's okay to take some shortcuts, especially if they makeĀ our daily tasks easier!

These 23 life hacks are extremely versatile, and you won't want to wait to implement them into your daily routine. Once you try #5, you won't be able to live without it!

1. Keep Your Canvas Shoes Safe From Rain


Canvas shoes are really trendy, but really vulnerable to the elements. Use beeswax to line the edges and seams of the shoes to create a barrier from the rain. 

2. Refresh The Room Without Much Effort

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If you don't feel like lighting a bunch of fancy candles to make a room smell more pleasant, simply attach a dryer sheet to a fan or air conditioner with a piece of tape and let the scent of lilacs circulate your space. 

3. Charge Your Phone In A Flash

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If you are low on time and need to charge your cell phone quickly, plug it into the charger on airplane mode. It will charge two-times faster than usual. 

4. Create The Most Delectable Sundae Ever


If you are getting to the bottom of your jar of Nutella, scoop some ice cream into the jar and enjoy. This one is a complete game changer — say hello to your new craving. 

5. Frozen Grapes Will Add Some Refreshing Flair To Your Wine

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Want to keep your white wine chilled while preserving the flavor? Freeze some grapes and put a few in your next glass of Moscato. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

6. Clean That Dusty Keyboard With Ease


It's always super difficult to clean between the keys on the keyboard, especially when it comes to tiny crumbs. Use a sticky note to get to those spots that you can't reach.

7. Stop An Elevator From Wasting Your Time


Nothing is worse than being cramped on a packed elevator, and if someone pressed all the buttons it can be almost unbearable. Avoid stopping on every single floor by pressing each button twice. 

8. Your Picnics Will Never Be The Same


Use a muffin tray to serve condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and relish the next time you hold a BBQ. Your picnic innovation will be appreciated by guests, and you will have fewer dishes to do at the end of the day.


9. Enjoy Every Last Sip Of Your Iced Coffee

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Keep your iced coffee cold and delicious down to the last drop. Pour coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze to prevent your iced coffee from getting watered down. 

10. Hold Yourself Accountable For Staying Hydrated


Mark a water bottle by time intervals to stay hydrated throughout the day and meet your water intake goals. This is a health hack we can all get behind!

11. Prevent Popsicle Mess For Good


Place a popsicle inside the bottom half of a styrofoam cup, with a hole for the stick at the bottom. This is great for kids that are known for getting a drippy mess everywhere.

12. Get Rid Of Stubborn Fuzz On Your Clothes

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Can't seem to get annoying fuzz off of your pants or sweaters? Use a razor to gently remove it, and your wardrobe will be good as new. 

13. Don't Get Frustrated By A Difficult Faucet


Use a water bottle or a dustpan to re-route water from a tricky faucet into a bucket. Save yourself the time and money it would take to replace the sink!

14. Use Your Old Sunscreen Bottle As Storage


Clean out a sunscreen bottle and use it to store valuables such as extra cash or car keys. It serves as a great hiding spot to deter thieves!

15. Upgrade Your Camping Skills


This hack is just brilliant for anyone who needs their flashlight to produce more light. Strap it around a jug of water and illuminate your entire campsite!

16. Become A Mater Of Detection


Got a hole in your tire but don't know where to look? Cover it in sudsy water and let science (and escaping air) do the detective work for you.

17. Fold Like A Boss


I've been using this method for years now, and I'm in no way exaggerating when I say it was a game-changer.


18. Key To Success


Turns out your house key unlocks more than you think.

19. Pick Perfect Avocados


Works every time. Just remember who sent you this hot tip next time you're making guacamole and thinking about not sharing.

20. Store Lids Easily


Command hooks - is there nothing they can't do?

21. Banish Pet Hair


Did you know that a squeegee tool works wonders at removing pet hair from carpets? Well, now you do.

22. The Ultimate Tomato Trick


Slicing multiple chrry tomatoes (or grapes) in half just got so much simpler.

23. Get The Party Started


All it takes is the cardboard roll from a roll of paper towels, some Solo cups, and a small knife/boxcutter/pair of scissors to make some DIY speakers on the fly. Instant party!

These life hacks are literal lifesavers, and they will definitely spruce up your regular routine. Be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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