These Animals Look Like Adorable Identical Twins. The Secret Is That Only One Is Real

If you find yourself missing your pets when you're away on business trips, running errands, or on vacation, Jennifer Graham's company might be perfect for you. Cuddle Clones creates customized plush replicas of your very own pets. She was inspired to honor the memory of her Great Dane, Rufus, with a stuffed animal made to look exactly like him. Not only can you snuggle with a completely unique pet plushie, but a portion of Cuddle Clone's profits goes to animal welfare causes.

Together, you have one full orange cat and one full black cat.

He's letting his nerdy side out.

This pig gets her very own cuddle pig.

Go on, they're listening.

Cuddle time with her doppleganger.

Both of them are so stylish.


This one-eyed kitty gets her own look-alike.

This cat looks familiar.

Party dogs.

A terrier has a lazy afternoon with his own terrier.

Even the chickens get in on it.

This schnauzer is uncanny.

Way too cute.


You could take this replica guinea pig with you anywhere.

Giving her mini-me a ride.

It takes a second to see the difference between these cats.

Even this senior dog looks so happy with his toy.

Matching tongues. How can you not love this?

Source: Bored Panda | Photography: Cuddle Clones

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