These Animals Love Getting Their Tummies Rubbed, And They Are Definitely Having A Great Time

Belly rubs are the best. When most animal presents their belly for you, it means that they trust you and are submissive. Therefore, you should approach them with respect and gentleness. Although that's certainly the case for dogs, cats, on the other hand, show their bellies as a defensive move. It’s usually best not to disturb them when they're showing off their belly. But here are cutest photos of animals who are loving to get their belly rubbed.

1. This turtle’s face is pure joy. 


2. Look at how happy this sheep is.

Veritas Farms

3. How adorable.

iReddt via reddit

4. Foxes love belly rubs too.

bellafelis via imgur

5. Pure bliss.

New Caledonia’s Aquarium

6. This tiger is relaxed as ever.

Aelinsaar via imgur

7. This shark looks like a dog getting its belly rubbed.

russspruce via reddit

8. Even bears love them.

pork_pie_hat via reddit

9. Hedgehog getting a belly rub.

kpaxton1 via reddit


10. And a pet rat.


11. This fox is loving it.

foxalbiazul via youtube

12. Okay, so some cats like it ... sometimes.

colleenpettit via reddit

13. Totally trusting sloth loves getting his belly rubbed.


14. Douglas the Wombat loves them too.


15. Look at that face.

Nosuo via reddit

16. So happy.

naive_hueristics via reddit

17. Even an otter gets a rare belly rub.


18. No worries, just pure happiness.

DDA1 via flickr

19. And this cat loves it more than others.

Always_Jolly via reddit


20. Enjoying a belly rub in the sun.

iamherakles via imgur

21. So happy.

tar101 via deviantart

22. This is just too cute.

JustAGirlOnImgur via imgur

23. This cat is too relaxed.

jordanundead via reddit

24. What a smile.

Kelloggs67 via reddit

25. And this dog is loving the sun and belly rub combo.

neon.mamacita via flickr

26. A lion cub loves it.


27. Pure joy.

dylocerapter via imgur

28. There's nothing better.

Eileen via flickr

Credit: BoredPanda

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