These Are 19 Of The Most Stunning And Unique Hairstyles Ever Created

We all get stuck in a rut, but with springtime here, it's the season for fun new style changes. Check out these 19 stunning styles. (Hint, they're perfect for those flowing Boho maxi dresses begging to come back into your wardrobe.)

1. This loose take on the French braid.

2. This checkerboard half braid.

3. This checkerboard full braid. (Especially for windy days.)

4. This swinging zig-zag braid.

5. These pretty, swirly floral pin-ins.

6. This dramatic sweep braid.


7. These latticed braid rows.

8. This super feminine sweep French braid. (Perfect for growing out bangs.)

9.  This flirty heart-shaped braid.

10. This one is just as romantic, but a little dressier.

11. This easy addition to a French braid.

12. Another gorgeous heart-shaped braid.

13. This spiral braid-bun.


14. This haute couture braid. (Maybe for photo shoots...)

15. This beautiful mess of French braids all tucked in neatly at the end.

16. This trio of French braids come together in a delicate side swirl.

17. These layers of braids make a delicate low-hanging up-do.

18. This fairytale rose up-do.

19. This amazing cluster of swirls and waves with pinned in adornments.

Credit: Little Church Mouse 

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