These Are 28 Of The Cutest Things To Ever Happen. #12 Just Made My Day

It's your weekend, and you can make it as cute as you want to. Just sit back and relax into the wormhole of warm 'n fuzzies. Enjoy these 28 awwwww-inspiring moments.

1. When these pugs sit you down for a serious talk about treats.

2. When this farm cat went the extra mile for cuddles.

3. This rat and his stuffed animal.

4. This cat who couldn't quite muster up a happy birthday.

5. These adorable baby buddies.

6. These partners in crime.

7. This unenthusiastic babysitter. 

8. This fat cat, a little too big for this baby's tiny lap.

9. This cat pretending to be a bear.


10. This cat giving her buddy a home tour.

11. This bunny in a moment of introspection.

12. This guinea pig who cannot believe you just said that.

13. These dogs peeking around the fence, Scooby-Doo style.

14. This rat who wants to hear all about your day. 

15. This cat hovering mid air.

16. This kitten playing with water balloons.

17. This cat's naptime buddy.

18. These cats getting in on your selfie game.

19. This sock cat.


20. This dog ready to go scootering.

21. This Corgi who may have had the last of your cereal.

22. These puppies posing in San Francisco.

23. This sloth having a little nap under a tree.

24. This prairie dog Romeo.

25. This bunny shopping for essentials for the week.

26. These joyriding bunnies.

27. This puppy chilling out with her penguin.

28. This baby sloth showing you her new friend.

Credit: Viral Nova

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