These Are 28 Of The Most Picturesque Winter Towns In The World.

Winter is approaching, meaning it is time to settle into a cozy atmosphere and get ready for the chill. These towns around the world are the premier destinations for those wishing to "get away from it all."

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

This medieval German town looks like something straight off a Christmas card.

Mt. Buller, Australia

Not many locations in Australia see large amounts of snowfall. Mt. Buller is an exception, making it an ideal destination for snow sport enthusiasts in the country.

El Chaltén, Argentina

While the area is popular in the summer, the winter is so frigid that the town is virtually devoid of people.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu serves as the epicenter of this beautiful town, with breathtaking views of The Remarkables and Walter Peak.

Naarden, Netherlands

Your eyes are not fooling you. The outskirts of the town do indeed form what looks like a Chinese throwing star. This former fort town has a moat that freezes during the winter.

Bled, Slovenia

Noted for its health spas, Bled sits at the base of breathtaking mountains. Lake Bled surrounds the town's castle, adding to its medieval feel. The town has only 5,000 full-time residents, making it an ideal quaint getaway.

Grise Fiord, Canada

If you need to keep up with your Facebook page, this is not the place for you. You can't get any further north in Canada, and the trek to the nearest village is over 200 miles, making this location as remote as it gets.

Štramberk, Czech Republic

The ominous tower looks over the residents of Štramberk who try to stay warm during the cold, harsh winter. This almost looks like a painting.

Shirakawa-go, Japan

Again is a quaint town that almost looks like the setting for a painting. This small village receives more snow than nearly any other location in the world.

Damüls, Austria

Speaking of places that get a lot of snow, Damüls gets over 30 feet of the fluffy white stuff each year, ensuring its place as a top destination for snow sport lovers.


Serfaus, Austria

Folks have lived in this former pasture since the Bronze Age. This area is a common stopgap for people on their way to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, a top-notch ski area.

Marlow, England

You can't have a conversation about quaint villages and not take a trip to England. Marlow is only a short drive from London, but you wouldn't know it. This parish rests quietly along the River Thames.

Vyborg, Russia

The Saimaa Canal surrounds this border town between Finland and Russia. The view in this photo is from the castle tower, enabling visitors to see for hundreds of miles.

Bamberg, Germany

The settlement of Bamberg dates to 902 AD, making it a world heritage site. The medieval town is nearly in the state it was hundreds of years ago, allowing winter visitors to feel as though they are going back in time.

Hallstatt, Austria

Also known as Upper Austria, Hallstatt rests in the Salzkammergut region of Austria. As of 2001, it was listed as having less than 1,000 residents, making it an ideal winter destination for visitors in search of peaceful tranquility.

Siglufjörður, Iceland

This fishing village was inaccessible until 70 years ago. Its location among picturesque mountains ensures its spot as a popular winter destination.

Loket, Czech Republic

This cozy town is very literal in its name. Loket translates to "elbow," and the Ohře River surrounds the town and its castle on three sides.

Funes, Italy

What could be cozier than a village at the base of the Italian Alps? The area receives a generous blanket of snow each year, but not so much that travel is unbearable.

Reine, Norway

The island of Moskenesøya houses this tiny fishing village. There are only 329 listed residents, and the village was voted Norway's most beautiful.

Calitri, Italy

This town isn't quite as busy as the pictures would lead you to believe. The hills of Campania provide the foundation for this scenic collection of cobble streets and historic homes.

Zermatt, Switzerland


Zermatt sits at 5,000 feet alongside Switzerland's famous peaks. The winter snow hides the rooftops, making for a picturesque landscape unlike any other.

Qaqortoq, Greenland

As you might expect, the vast array of house colors is what makes this town stand out. This historic area was first settled over 4,000 years ago.

Chichilianne, France

Mont Aiguille stands 7,000 feet above the town of Chichilianne, offering breathtaking views of the French Prealps.

Breckenridge, Colorado

We can't forget about the United States. This ski town is backed by the massive Rocky Mountains, which offer stunning views of the quaint town. Snow sport enthusiasts flock to the area each winter in search of adventure.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Greenland screams "cozy," and this colorful town is the pinnacle of seclusion. A plane ride is necessary to get to or from here, and those only operate once per week.

Langwies, Switzerland

The train ride past this tiny town perched on the Langwies Valley is an experience in and of itself. Only a few hundred people live here, spending the bulk of their time during the winter enjoying the snow-covered wilderness.

Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

The name translates to "Apple Orchard on the River Neisse." The town's claim to fame is as the place where the first piece of artificial jewelry was produced.

Jamnik, Slovenia

The Julian Alps form the backdrop to this picturesque town that rests on prime skiing grounds. Snow lovers flock here each winter for a bit of time on the slopes followed by quiet night in front of a fire.

San Marino, Italy

Consisting of just 24 square miles in Northern Italy, San Marino was founded in AD 301, making it one of the world's oldest constitutional republics.

Engelberg, Switzerland

Did we save the coziest town of all for last? You be the judge. Engelberg is surrounded on all sides by either clear lakes or the Alps, making the view stunning in any direction. Like every location in this list, it would make an ideal location for a quaint getaway from hectic city life.

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