These Are No Ordinary Rocks. When You Look Inside Them, It's Like A Whole Other World

What comes to mind when you hear the word "mineral?" Now try and remember the prettiest mineral you've ever seen in your life. Chances are it won't be as spectacular as the ones you're about to see below. What's the difference between a rock and a mineral? Minerals have an ordered atomic structure, while rocks don't have any sort of specific chemical composition. Take a look at some of the prettiest minerals in the world. They look as if they are containers of galaxies.

1. This sunset fire opal looks more like the skies of Armageddon.

Jeff Schultz via Flickr

2. This luz opal looks to be holding a gas-formed galaxy.


3. This opal has a stunning appearance and looks like it holds a small piece of the ocean.

Inna Gem

4. This is a natural mineral?


5. Lightning ridge black opal. There's a chaotic storm going on in here.

coolr3 via Reddit

6. Stand back. This opal fossil looks like it's about to implode.


7. The "Empress of Uruguay" is the world's biggest amethyst geode.


8. This rose quartz geode looks completely awesome.



9. And this fluorite looks like it's from a multi-dimensional world.


10. This Burmese tourmaline looks more exquisite than a solid diamond.

Jeffrey Hunt

11. This titanium quartz is reflecting all sorts of beautiful colors.

screamingfurby via Reddit

12. This scolecite raises all sorts of questions about its origination.


13. This chrysocolla in malachite looks bizarre but so pretty.


14. And, this watermelon tourmaline looks like... a watermelon.

Igor Schwartzmann

15. This azurite has the shape of a blue flower.


16. There is so much going on in this bismuth.


17. This rhodochrosite looks like it's the key to a galaxy somewhere.

Vikt0r94 via Imgur


18. You might have mistaken this uvarovite for melon-flavored Jello.

R. Tanaka

19. This realgar on calcite looks daunting, like something terrible would happen if you remove the red mineral from its grip.


20. This crocoite is beautiful beyond words.

killything via Reddit

21. A stunning combination of fluorite, quartz and pyrite.


22. This cobaltocalcite looks like a molten hive for some alien creatures.


23. Tourmaline on quartz with lepidolite and cleavelandite.


24. This rhodochrosite is perhaps the strangest looking of them all.


25. And this crocoite looks like it's slowly being infested.

lolfx via Imgur

Via: BoredPanda

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