These Are Some Of The Happiest Around. When You See Where They Live, You'll Understand Why

There is no good way to accurately determine how many stray cats are currently living in the United States. One estimate suggests upwards of 70 million, just for cats. Many of these animals end up in shelters and, unfortunately, the shelters simply can't host an endless number of them. Government-run facilities, especially, are run on shoestring budgets and can only house strays for so long.

The Cat House on the Kings is one attempt to change this unfortunate situation. Currently home to more than 700 cats and a few dogs, the shelter is 100% no-kill. Like all shelters, the focus is on adoption but there is plenty of room on the 12-acre grounds to keep cats that otherwise would be unable to find a home. The shelter takes in and cares for older cats and cats with chronic illness, for example. To date, the shelter has rescued more than 23,000 cats and 7,000 dogs.

The cats clearly love it here. Facilities for these furballs are top-notch.

The warm stone pavers in the yard are a perfect place for some kitty yoga.

With so many cats living together, you'd be surprised to find out that they all get along. Must be that easy living.


With hundreds of cats and only a few humans, any visitor to the sanctuary will be swarmed with beautiful, affectionate cats. Most of whom are up for adoption. Hint, hint.

The shelter does take in a limited number of dogs, who are all well-adapted to the… peculiarities of the cats around them.

Located on the Kings River in California, the cats can often be found relaxing waterside.

Or on one of many park benches.

Or, well, exactly where you might expect to find a cat. Directly above you.


The artwork on display is clearly intended for a select audience.

Just in case you didn't already want to visit, there is a special room full of kittens. 

The beneficial effect of this wonderful place is no more apparent than on feral cats, which often transform into loving, easygoing pets after being taken in.

Even if you're not in the market for a fluffy, adorable new companion, no-kill shelters like this can use all the help they can get. Donated blankets, cat food, and other supplies can be essential.

Credit: Bored Panda | Jess Lessard 

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