These Are The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World

There are some really obvious places that you wouldn't want to take a vacation today. For example, the war in Syria at the moment makes it a place that may be beautiful but is best avoided until the bombs stop going off.

However, there are a lot of places around the world which aren't in the middle of a war, but you still might want to think twice before booking your vacation there.

We've found the 15 most dangerous places on earth to take a vacation and here's what you should know before you book a flight.

1. Death Valley, USA


Death Valley is the hottest place on earth and temperatures have reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit. You can only survive for 14 hours in Death Valley without water. It's safe to visit, but make sure to take proper precautions.

2. The Danakil Desert, Eritrea

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The Danakil Desert is beguilingly beautiful and utterly deadly. It's not quite as hot as Death Valley, but it's still very hot. Then there are the volcanoes and toxic fumes from the geyser spouts to contend with. If you must visit, take a local guide.

3. Mount Washington, USA


The highest wind speeds on the planet combined with some of the coldest temperatures make Mount Washington one of the most deadly mountains in the world. It's as easy to climb Everest as it is to climb Mount Washington.

4. Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

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This is no sleeping volcano - it's very, very active. It regularly erupts, destroying local homes and villages. In fact, it did so in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015. No one can predict when it will erupt again.


5. lha Da Queimada Grande (Snake Island), Brazil

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Not only is Snake Island full of snakes, but they're all venomous and they're all aggressive. Get bitten by one of these snakes and you're unlikely to make it to the mainland for treatment alive. 

6. Caracas, Venezuela

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Caracas used to be a relatively pleasant city to visit. Then Venezuela became effectively bankrupt. Now, it's the murder capital of the world. It's cheap to visit now but sadly, life is even cheaper there.

7. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

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San Pedro Sula has an ongoing drugs war that gives it one of the highest murder rates on the planet. It's actually quite pretty, but not worth the risks associated with visiting.

8. Karachi, Pakistan


Karachi is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cities in Asia. Sadly, it's also a terrorism hotspot and hundreds of people a year are killed there in suicide and other bombing attacks. 

9. Acapulco, Mexico

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Acapulco was once one of the most popular budget beach resorts around. Now, it's wracked with violence as major drug cartels fight it out among themselves. You might want to look elsewhere for a tan.

10. Lake Natron, Tanzania


This looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie, doesn't it? Actually, Lake Natron is so alkaline that anything that enters the water dies. It also smells bad due to the hydrogen sulfate that it emits constantly. 


11. Afar Depression, Ethiopia

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This is actually a volcano. It's active, but it's not eruptions that are likely to harm someone but rather the fact that volcanic activity here regularly triggers earthquakes and collapses the ground beneath people.

12. Elephant Kingdom In Chonburi, Thailand

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The owners of the Elephant Kingdom in Thailand's Chonburi Province are essentially allowing tourists to play with crocodiles. You can probably see for yourself that safety is not a major consideration here. 

13. Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands


This beautiful unspoiled paradise only has one thing wrong with it. It was the scene of the first nuclear tests and it's irradiated so badly even today that you'd probably get cancer from staying for any length of time there.

14. Valley Of Death, Kamchatka, Russia


This is Russia's very own Death Valley and the problem here is that the landscape leaks poisonous gasses which kill pretty much everyone and everything they come into contact with.

15. Madidi National Park, Bolivia


It looks lovely, doesn't it? Yet, the plant life is the most aggressive and poisonous of any part of the globe. Touch a plant, you'll end up with a vicious rash, scratching yourself uncontrollably. 

Isn't it amazing that such beautiful places can also be so dangerous? If you do decide to visit any of these vacation spots, please be careful. 

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