These Astronauts Appear To Be On Earth, But They're Somewhere Much Farther

When you visit one of the United States' serene national parks, it's easy to forget that it was relatively recent that a large portion of the country was untouched. These days, the land that was once "the Wild West" only exists in protected patches. Tourists send postcards from the wilderness because it's such a step out of their everyday, industrialized lives.

When French photographer Julien Mauve imagines what venturing out into the wilderness will look like in the future, he goes beyond the natural wonder of our parks. 

He believes the future of tourism is on Mars.

"Our most famous explorer is a robot. ‘Curiosity’ is the Christopher Colombus [sic] of our century," he writes in his artist statement.

Mauve envisions family vacations soon extending out of Earth's orbit.


"As with the Wild West, we could imagine a point where Mars would become a touristic destination for people to visit and experience," he writes.

"NASA and SpaceX are already working on it and it is obvious that in less than 50 years, humans will walk on Mars."

In this series, Mauve tries to imagine what postcards from Mars might look like.

As to why he photographed his subject in stereotypical tourist poses, he explains, "It's also about our behavior in front of landscapes and how we create pictures that will share our personal story with the world." 

Obviously, Mauve's photos were shot here on planet Earth.


But, he carefully selected locations that are very close to what we see from Curiosity's exploration of the Red Planet.

It's easy to imagine these as very real postcards from the future.

Here is to the hope that one day we might live to take a selfie in space.

Via: Julien Mauve

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