These Bikes May Look Extremely Strange, But You Can Actually Ride Them

Your bike says a lot about you. Mountain, fixie or cruiser? Standard colors or crazy paint job? Sleek ergonomics or an adorable front basket? Streamers and a quirky bike horn are fine and all, but if you really want to be noticed, you'll have to really step your zany game. Behold, weird bike inspiration.

Or would you, could you, ride a bike in an homage to Dr. Suess?

Lego Blogger

And it really rides, too. (In the rains, on the plains, in the dark and in the park... you get the idea.)


If you do most of your thinking on the loo, why not take it on the go? Look at that guy. That's the grin of an underappreciated genius.

Bike Stein

If you really, really have to go, Japan's company TOTO makes a speedy motorcycle version. It's, um, self-fueled. We'll let you figure that one out.

Spoon & Tamago

So if you need a little class after the toilet bike, perhaps your sensibilities would prefer the limo bike? This Indonesian bike is 44-feet long. Passengers hang on to the steel frame and the bike is powered only by the driver who must have the strongest quads in all the land.

Daily Mail


With the square bike, you'll be anything but. This insane upcycle is made from the frame of a junkyard bunk bed.

KCS Bikes

Score points with the neighbors riding this push mower bike through their lawns. Come winter, they might just have a shovel bike for you too.

Flickr: Dot Dream

Via: Earth Porm

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