These Bosses Shared The Worst Interviews They've Ever Seen And The Results Are Stunning

Job interviews are generally some of the most fraught and nerve-wracking moments of anyone's life. It's not uncommon for people to make a slip of the tongue or a little faux pas during the process. Interviewers understand the pressure you're under.

However, these 15 people on Reddit didn't find that things slipped so much as "fell apart." These interviews weren't minor mistakes, but rather major mishaps where nothing went right at all. 

They are, however, pretty funny, and there's definitely something that you can learn not to do at an interview from these examples. Enjoy.

1. Really Just Didn't Want To Drive This

Car Pictures

"I had to interview a guy for some contract labor and when I showed him our work vehicle he shook my hand and said, 'I'm sorry but I refuse to drive a chevy' and left. I was speechless... he was giving me the story of how hard he is having it I decided to give him a shot and because we had aSilveradoo for the work vehicle he turned it down .. he has 3 young children ..."

2. Admitted He Probably Wouldn't Get Much Done

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Me: What made you apply? (I ask this question more to see what type of response that can create on the spot. I like to see if they can formulate a decent response while thinking on their feet)

Kid: Well....umm....all my friends work here so I don't think it would really be like a job to me. More like kickin it with the homies.

Me: Would your friends being employed here get in the way of you working?

Kid: Maybe. I mean our Auto Class teacher makes all of us split up in class and we can't work together.

3. Not Sure He Knew What He Was Applying For ...

Safety Steps

"Guy applied for a warehouse/delivery position. Had emailed back and forth with a few questions before the interview, and it sounded promising. He comes in, sits down and says, 'so, what is this position? Delivery? Oh, I can't lift anything. Also, I lost my driver's license a few months ago. I guess we're done here.' And then just got up and left. No thank you or goodbye, just got up and left. It was the shortest, most bizarre interview I've ever done."

4. Brought Mom To Monitor The Interview

Wealth Single Mom

"This 19-year-old who apparently had previous work experience in customer service brought his mother into the interview with him. I politely questioned his mother as to the reasoning of her joining in on the interview and I was told, 'I'm just making sure this is the right company for him and making sure you're asking fair questions.'"

"I decided to roll with it(why not, this is the most interesting thing I've had all week) so I asked my first question. She answered for him. I politely explained that the interviews I conduct are with the candidate only unless special accommodations are required. I was told, 'I'm not going anywhere.'"

5. Mistook The Interviewer For Some Intern

The Film Prof

"A woman was about 15 years older than I was and clearly didn't understand that I was the one actually interviewing her for the job. This was an engineering position on my team making ~$175K. She was very candid with me regarding her overall personality and actually put her purse on her lap at one point and doing her makeup while we were talking. I guess she thought I was the secretary and she was making small talk before meeting with my boss?"

6. Give Me The Job And The Puppy Gets It!


"I asked a guy when would he be available to begin work if offered the position...his response was that he would have to put down his dogs in order to begin work as soon as possible but was willing to do that to get the job."

"We called him almost immediately after the interview to tell him he wasn't selected and hopefully save his dogs' lives."

7. He Has One Major Skill ...

Recovery Place

"Had a girl sit across from me put her elbow on my desk then rested her head flat on her hand so that her head was now sideways. She stayed that way through the entire interview."

"Another time I asked a guy if he had any special skills, he replied 'Keepin' it real with y'all'"

8. Won't Actually Answer Any Questions


"A guy that showed up and refused to answer any question. 'I don't know.' 'That doesn't apply to me.' So after six questions, I asked, 'Do you expect to get hired after this?' He said yes."


9. Kind Of Maybe Killed His Last Boss

New Health Advisor

"When my dad was going through applications, in the 'reason for leaving last job' part, a man wrote that he had shot his previous boss in the head. His PO had told him to be honest."

10. Whoops, I'm Not Qualified After All


"Guy told us that he applied so long ago he forgot which position it was for. We then proceeded to show him the job description and he said, 'I don't even know what this piece of equipment is' (it was a maintenance job). He apologized for wasting our time but he got a free bottle of water, so I guess it worked out for him."

11. Applied For A Job Fixing Things, Can't Fix Things

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"We needed an appliance repair guy; they didn't need to have any formal training, but they needed to know what they were doing. The standard test was we tossed 'em in a room with a broken whateverwehadaround and asked them to diagnose it."

"One guy completely dismantled it, and couldn't put it back together again. I walked in, and he's got his hat off, he's rubbing his head, muttering to himself surrounded by parts. I asked him to leave."

"So the next guy to apply for the job got shown to the same room, and was told 'put this back together'."

12. Guy Says He Went To Yale. Interviewer Actually Went to Yale.

Yale Alumni Magazine

"We had an applicant for a teaching position who stated on his resume that he held a Master of Music degree from Yale. When interviewing him, I asked what he thought of Woolsey Hall (Yale's primary concert hall) and its renowned pipe organ. By his answer and facial expression, I could tell he'd never been there."

"After he left, I called contacts at the university who confirmed that they'd never heard of him and no one by his name had received a degree there."

13. Really Wanted To Just Get High And Hook Up

Wave Shoppe

"I was sitting in on an interview and this kid comes in with an open Hawaiian shirt and khakis. This was for a state job, mind you. When asked if he had any questions for us, he goes, 'Yeah, do you drug test?' And when walking him out of the building, he's looking at the pictures of all the heads of that department and stops at the only woman on there and goes, 'When can I meet her? I want to know about her life.' We immediately shredded his application."

14. He Charged Them For His Time

Eversend UAE

"Had a guy who interviewed for a position. Seemed to do okay in the actual interview, but when he was not selected for the position, he sent us an invoice of a few thousand dollars. He charged us his 'normal hourly rate' for his time and billed us for 50 hours."

"The interview was 30 minutes over the phone with a recruiter and 1 hour onsite. He drove to the office which only took him about 30 minutes to drive. He did itemize the bill for us and the bulk of those hours were for "preparation". We did not pay him. He tried to insist we pay him. We showed our lawyers who just laughed so we still did not pay him. The best part was he was interviewing for an HR position."

15. Not Political Enough


"I'll give you an example of the inverse. Applied to a pool service company. They wanted me to do a "ride-along" for a day, to see how I'd work out. Now, pool cleaning is easy. A chimp can do it. It turned out the real reason was to give me what I call the "Rush Limbaugh Test". There was a point in the day where the guy took a break and turned the truck radio on to listen to Rush. My reaction was monitored very closely. I stayed completely neutral. Well, it turned out that anything less than a rabid and enthusiastic response to Rush disqualified you from working there."

16. Had No Idea About Anything Whatsoever


Interviewer: So, what qualities can you bring to the team?

Applicant: Uhm, I don't know.

Interviewer: Well, what do you consider yourself good at?

Applicant: Uhm, I don't know?

Interviewer: Ok, why did you apply to the position?

Applicant: They told me to.

Interviewer: Who told you to apply?

Applicant: Uhm, I don't know?

17. The Answer Is Not Always "I'm A Mom"


"Interviewed a lady who, at the time, had been a stay at home mom for the past 13 years. Her answer to each question was, 'I'm a mom, I deal with that all the time.' Or something along those lines. Didn't actually answer the question for almost all questions. I felt bad for her, really."

18. It Is Better To Prepare Than To Come With A List Of Demands


"I'm a director at a technology company in NY and I was I interviewing a candidate for a manager position to oversee a large team of people in the U.S. as well as offshore. This person was a referral from an employee that I didn't think very highly of, but my company takes referrals seriously so I went along with it.

This candidate could not have been more unprepared. They had no idea what the company did, they knew nothing about the position they were applying for, and for the first fifteen minutes they asked about personal time off, vacation time, and the option to work from home, and then asked if they could get started immediately. SMH."


19. Emotional Manipulator Departs Before The End


"Coworker recommended his friend's girlfriend."

"She was doing okay in the interview, but suddenly she just stood up and walked out the door. She got into her car and called her boyfriend, crying. The rest of the afternoon was calls between her and her boyfriend, and boyfriend to a coworker and her staring at our front door with tears streaming down her face. Most of the employees snuck out the back to avoid her. I was parked right next to her and she stayed for hours so she could be sure to see how upset she was."

"I found out that she finds any opportunity to get really emotional and manipulate her boyfriend with it. She was still considered a maybe right up until she walked out."

20. Got To Be Able To Code To Be A Coder


"I had a guy come in to interview for a junior developer role—we were advertising at local universities for current students/recent leavers and had set our expectations to match—during the interview I gave him access to a laptop with code examples (one of which would simply have required changing the text in the popup box, to do exactly what we asked), and asked him to write a very basic script (basically a "hello world" popup box) just to show that he actually knew what he was doing...

After 10 minutes of confusion he asked if he could go home, Google the question and email me his code. True to his word, he went home, Googled the question exactly, pasted the answer from the top result, errors and all. He didn't get the job. Every other applicant was able to do the test on the spot in less than five minutes (as would anyone who had used the language for any more than five minutes)."

21. The Guy Who Thought Prayer Might Cover Him


"My old boss told me that one of the applicants put Jesus Christ as a reference. He asked him, ‘How would we contact your reference...?’ since the applicant didn't put any contact info for Jesus and my old boss was curious on how he will answer.

Apparently the applicant told him ‘Like this’ and then he started praying. I forgot to ask him if he got the job or not since I couldn't stop laughing."

22. When People Can See Why You Were Bullied At School


"'Why did you want to become a teacher here?' Guy cries and spends ten minutes telling us all about how he was bullied at school."

23. Wanted To Bring Mom To The Office All Day, Every Day


"I had an interviewee ask if her mom could come to work with her. Not if I can hire her mom, but if her mom could tag along so she doesn't get bored while she is working for me."

24. He's Not Sexist, But... He Is


"So this guy went through five 30-60 min interviews. (Devops role) I thought he was great and was ready to hire him. Just as a formality I asked MY boss to interview him. After 15 mins she walks out and tell us to send him home."

"This is what he asked her. 'I'm not sexist, but I know a lot of other people think women aren't great engineers, so my question is... How is it that you got into such a high-level position? ... Was it luck?'"

"Why? Why would you EVER ask that?"

25. Sent Someone Else To The Interview And Then Took The Job


"I have a friend who is a boss. He had a guy come in one time that seemed normal at first. But after he got hired a different guy turned up. Turned out that the guy was so nervous for his interview he sent his buddy to do it for him. Not sure what he was thinking would happen."

It's quite incredible what some people think they can get away with, isn't it? We hope that your next job interview goes better than these ones did. 

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