These Boys Had Their Picture Taken With Santa Every Year ... For 34 Years Straight.

Most families have a picture of their kids sitting on Santa's lap. But this mall tradition usually ends up fading away when the kids start elementary school. Not for these brothers, though -- they enjoyed the annual tradition so much that they stuck to it, each and every year. You can see them grow up, get bigger, become teenagers and even grow into adults, all from Santa's lap.

Lots of people have baby pictures just like this one.

Look at that adorable one-year-old.

At first, it was just the older brother. The younger one didn't come onto the scene until 1984.

Now the older boy is six, but he's still keeping his brother company up there.

He's getting pretty big, but he's got a good sense of humor about it.

Now even the younger one is getting a little big for it!


Hey, what happened to Santa?

They are officially way too big for Santa's lap now.

Look at those teenagers!

You can tell they really love it.

They are bigger than Santa now.

They can't fit on his lap anymore, but they're still going.


Now they have both officially crossed over into full-blown grown-ups.

Did someone say “Christmas sweater”?

By 2011, the new generation arrived for Santa!

Now the kids are starting to grow up themselves.

Aww, the whole family is involved now.

They've been continuing the tradition for 34 years. Way to keep the tradition alive, boys!

Credit: Reddit

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