These Bricks Only Cost $50, But What You Can Do With Them Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

BBQ season is coming. The ground is starting to thaw and you'll want to get outside as fast as possible, which means you'll need a heat source for those chilly springtime evenings. If you have $50 and an afternoon, you can have an impressive DIY fire pit. (Even if you're a beginner.)

Start out with some curved bricks from the hardware store.

Make two concentric overlapping circles with an inner and outer ring. It should be about two tiers high.

Fill the circles with rocks and gravel.

Now it's starting to take shape.


Next, you'll need a small patio grill.

Take the stand off; you won't be using it.

Put the grill inside the inner ring, like so.

Remove the lid and voilà - you've got a picturesque grill pit ready for spring.


Bonus, it also doubles as a heater. Just let the flames go higher.

It's an incredible investment and an easy weekend project for just $50.

Credit: Instructables | dewey302

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