These Cartoonish Backpacks Look Like They've Been Photoshopped, But They're 100% Real

If you saw a picture of this woman in a fashion magazine, you might think it was a fun bit of Photoshop. But this woman's bag is real.

See, just look at her shadow by her elbow. That is a real bag.

These bags are the creation of designers Chay Su and Rika Lin.

This Taipei-based team was clearly influenced by the bouncy feel and colors of kid's cartoons.


These women go all out with matching pastel hair and clothes.

But these two show the bags with a little more sophistication. Can't you see them as cartoon adventurers come to life?

Ok, now this is just too cute, with the sneakers and girly shades.

Warning: you might get some attention with these bags.


But they're a perfect conversation starter at school.

They put a little extra sunshine in your morning commute.

And they are definitely a wow-factor in any room.

Credit: Twisted Sifter

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