These Clever Products Are The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Dad On Father's Day

A tie? Come on. Dad might not be the easiest guy in the world to shop for, but with a little creativity, you can really get inside dad's brain. Here are a few dad-centric gifts to consider for this Father's Day.

1. A circular saw Pizza Boss 3000.

2. A showerhead that pumps up the bass.

3. Moldable glue, fix-it-supreme Sugru.

4. Move over, ice fishing. Fire fishing is where it's at.

5. The Bellroy wallet's magical slimming abilities with its patented pull-tab system.

6. Germ-murdering robot vacuum ($150).

7. The Blue Lounge CableBin keeps your cables and cords in this classy port system.

8. The Seabag keeps the family beach bag dry underwater.


9. This smart lock that uses your smartphone to unlock it.

10. Bring a smartphone into the convenience of the office's hands-free phone system with this charging dock.

11. This military strength paracord wrist cuff looks cool but lets dad MacGuyver almost any situation.

12. The pen is mightier when it's a cell phone charger.

13. This outlet plate has a USB charger built right in.

14. The cutting board that has a spot for a tablet so dad can sous chef along with his favorite cooking show.

15. The gardener's tool seat has pockets for every tool and it's great for tinkering on bikes, too.

16. A Swiss-Army style phone case is perfect for dad.

17. If he says he gets all his ideas in the shower, he needs the waterproof shower notepad.

18. Veggie sushi in a jiff is so easy with this cool kit.


20. Give dad the power of four extra USB ports in this laptop stand.

21. Only get dad this hat with built-in lights if he swears to never wear it out in public.

22. This minimalistic dock keeps everything neat without too much space.

23. Keep your sriracha at quick draw with this keychain fob.

24. The headphones of the future.

25. A 5-minute shower timer is great for the eco-dad.

26. If the floors are dad's kryptonite, these microfiber slippers double as dusters.

27. Really, who doesn't need this horse-head squirrel feeder.

Credit: Buzzfeed

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